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I've heard through several blogs that disassembling a Browning BPS beyond the manufactures recommended "barrel only", is a pain in the a*#. Any first hand experiences? I can take down a Remington 870 express in less than a couple minutes including the trigger group. Anyone know of any website that offers step by step or pictures of complete take down for some real cleaning?

I cannot believe that a BPS will run forever without a good cleaning now and then without going to a gunsmith.

This may change my mind about buying the Browning or a Nova or 870 instead.


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By the way, you DO NOT have to load a BPS or an Ithaca 37 by loading a shell in the magazine first, then cycling the action.


Just turn the gun over so the bottom of the receiver is "up", (while consciously remembering to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction) then move the slide forward just enough that the two ejector fingers retract into the top of the receiver.


Then place a shell into the chamber and close the slide. Take your fingers out first...


If you get good at this, you don't even have to roll the gun over on its back to do it.



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