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M4 bolt catch/lock


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It's working as intended, you just need to get used to how it works. It's a bit different from most other bolt/lockback designs.


I forget if it stays open after the last shot is fired. I can't beleive I can't remember this.


It stays locked back when cycling by hand if the trigger has been pulled, or when the side bolt release is popped out. Sorry, hard to explain kind of. Just handle and shoot it and you'll get the hang of how it works.


The "hanging up" if you ease the bolt forward from the rear is natural. There's a bit of friction in the transition range of the carrier where it hits the lifter etc, you can set the bolt open on that if you slowly move it there. If you jiggle the gun, the bolt carrier will fall, as it's not intended to rest here, and certainly should not be considered to be locked back.


I once got my thumb slammed inside the chamber of my m4, someone else was shooting my m4 and when they handed me the gun I assumed the bolt was locked back, but instead they had only "hung it" as you are describing. I foolishly reached inside the chamber to do something, and it closed on my thumb. I had a black thumb for many months, and almost shot the poor fellow that unknowingly caused me so much pain.

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