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SBE2 Troubleshooting...


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First of all I am new to the site, as well as new to Benelli... Bought a brand new SBE2 this past monday, and love the gun... I own and previously shot a browning gold, but i just wanted a SBE2 so i broke down and bought one... Anyway i know my problem is probably not shooting previous to hunting with it.. Anyway i can't hit a damn thing with the new Benelli, with my browning i am dead on... Just makes me wonder what is going on for this to be happening... Is this something that will take time, or do SBE2 naturally shoot high or is there something that i can do to fix my problem... Going again in the morning and need to get this weapon figured out...



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Pattern Board and gun fit are kinda nice to start with:confused: your gun probably does shoot high but it has shims which if ya read the OWNERS MANUAL you might figure ya need to add or take out shims to get on pattern board! SBEII's are also known to need a break-in period and my dealer told me to use 3 boxes of most powerful round i planned on ever shooting thru it before i shot any low power rounds for recoil spring memorization. i guess they knew what they were talking about cause i have had zero issues with function! This is info they were told back in 2003 when i purchased my SBEII new and the Benelli Rep told them of this issue way back then! Why would you take a shotgun out that has an adjustable stock and not pattern it to hunt with? I feel you already new of this problem and it's an easy fix if ya ever wanta kill something you will put in the time to dial it in! Spend some time on pattern board with different rounds and different chokes!

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It will take some time.

I went from a Remington 870 to the SBEII, and I had a similar experience to begin with.


With American shotguns, you typically cover the target with the end of the barrel.

European guns sight differently, showing the full target just above the beads, with some rib showing as well.


Once you become accustomed to it, you'll like the sighting method better than what you're used to doing.


The Benelli is also adjustable for cast and drop to help you fine tune the gun for your build and shooting style.

The blind shoulder and sight test can help with making the adjustments.


With an empty and safe gun, look at the target and focus on it. Close your eyes and shoulder the gun.

Open your eyes and see how you're lined up. High, low, right left.

Adjust and try again.

The idea is to have the gun shoulder naturally into the proper shooting position. Then it's just a matter of getting a good cheek weld, acquiring the proper lead, and pulling the trigger.

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