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SBE 2 bolt handle


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Gents, sorry, me again, another beginner question. My SBE 2 manual shows that the bolt handle should be removed when assembling/disassembling. However, I do not seem to be able to do so. Am I supposed to unscrew it? I have not given it too much pressure when simply trying to pull it out, - is that what I should be doing? I am afraid to exert too much pressure to make sure i do not break/bend anything that I am not supposed to.


Many thanks in advance.

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Depsite what is said in the manual, I have found it much easier to remove the bolt handle after the full bolt assembly is out of the receiver.

It does not unscrew. It pulls straight out.

One trick discussed here before has been to wrap a shoestring around the handle several times and give it a yank.


You may also find my SBE Cleaning Guide helpful.

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