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Ghost Rings Canted: Problem?... or am I just too picky?


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Had my M1 Super90 Tactical for a year or so. I am very happy with it but I have a question/issue concerning the ghost ring sites on my shotgun.


In order to get the Point of Aim to match Point of Impact, the front site has to be drifted almost completely to the right.


Is this much adjustment normal for ghost rings on an 18.5" barrel? Has anyone else experienced this much needed adjustment?


Yes, I've tried different loads/slugs and different chokes. At 30-40 yards, shots hit about 18"-22" to the right.



Is there any way I can fix it so the front site is a little more "centered"? (I know I could move the windage adjustment on the rear site the opposite direction, but that isn't really fixing anything.)


Am I just being too picky. :D

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I traded for an older H&K marked version of the M1. It has the older ghost rings. When I received the gun it had the rear sight set all the way to the left. I centered the sight and will test fire this week (I hope) . I want to use this gun for a duty weapon and hope it functions well . This gun does not have any chokes or a threaded barrel. If things are not quite right with it I may send it off to Vang for a magic treatment, actually I may send t off anyway to have him do his magic on it.


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