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  1. Laser products is the original name Surefire went under.
  2. CLP is great stuff. I've used it on my Nova and M1 and never had a problem. Both have seen extensive use on the range and been carried on duty.
  3. Comes with spring, and all the parts
  4. How new is the gun? I have been told it needs to be broken in well. I have a friend who went to armorers class and benelli says there is a weight limit to what can be mounted on an M1.
  5. Speedfeed makes a 13" LOP stock for the M1. Very nice product
  6. Cals sporting armory is a decent source also. Do a google search
  7. Speedfeed makes a shorter stock. You do lose the sling attachment. It is very nice and is a much shorter length of pull. I am going to get one for my M1 in the future
  8. I also have the TacStar. It works well and fits well.
  9. madecov

    how to stop rust

    I've had good luck with "Inhibitor" Tom Knapp sells some of the versions on his site. The oil is pretty thick and if left to set a while it stays in place very well.
  10. I use a traditional rod, patches and bronze brush. I also use break parts cleaner to hose it out.
  11. Love my M1. I will definatly be qualifying with it this year to carry on duty.
  12. You can send me a message. I am a dealer in products from Laser Devices and have mounts in stock for the Benelli's They are rock solid, and work well. I have them on my Nova and M1S90, never had a problem with one shooting loose.
  13. I'm not 100% sure but, Shotguns are not considered assault rifle's under the import laws. They do not have the evil features like detachable magazines, flash hiders bayo lugs . They were never exempt from importation. Weapons like the AK, the FAL etc were restricted by both configuration and by name.
  14. I decided to try something a bit different. I ordered one of Laser Devices 9v series lights to use as a weapon light on shotgun. well, the light is the same size as my SF Z3. The light was ordered with a coiled wire paddle switch, the package is a nice box that has a foam cut out for the switch, lamp and light body with head attached. Of course instruction and warranty sheets are included. Specs on the light are HA type III, in a black phosphate finish. The light is available with either lexan or glass lens (I ordered glass). The overall length is the same as my SF Z3. The head appears
  15. shotguns are not really considered an assault weapon by the Guvm't. All benelli shotguns are made in Italy, and none of them are required to have fewer than the 10 "named" imported parts because only guns with a pistol grip/flash hider/ bayonet lug/detachable box magazine are in that catagory [ 09-05-2004, 10:00 AM: Message edited by: madecov ]
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