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M3 Questions


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I have a Benelli M3 and am very happy with it. However I do not see many threads or comments about it and was wondering why it is not any more common.


Are there issues w/ it? Those that have it- what has been your experience?


Finally- where is a source for a saddle and is it poissible to fit this weapon w/a collapsible stock? If so is there a source for it?


THanks for your time

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I have had mine for about 3 or 4 years. I have no issues, I pull the trigger and it go's bang everytime, and ejects, and it will do all the other functions a shotgun is supposed to do!! Mesa Tactical has a saddle that they say will fit, it is listed as to fit a M-2, I asked, and they stated that "no one had ever asked about a M-3". I especially like the "convertible action", you can use any combination of Hi/Lo brass with this action. From what I've heard, the M-3 is mainly a L.E. weapon, that may be why you've not heard a lot about it. I haven't seen it in use by the military, and the only ones I've seen by L.E. were used by SWAT.

I like mine, good gun, I had it for sale, but since Obama bin ladin is going in office, I have second thoughts. Hope this helps.

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I am going out on a limb here...but I think Obama has higher priorities then banning our beloved M3's.


And on that...does anyone know if you can fit any folding stock on a M3, other then finding a busted M3T and moving the stock over?

M-3's are beside the point, HR1022 is a fact, (GOOGLE HR1022) and in place waiting to be passed, and it WILL be with DEM's in power. Read the part on "our beloved rifles" the part on "threaded barrels", not just "threaded muzzles". All of a sudden, our hunting rifles with a barrel that may be "threaded" to accept sights, can be outlawed. SCARY!!!!!!!!

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It has "only" been Referred to Committee, that means they pretty much have not even even looked at it yet, more bills die in committee and in huge numbers then anywhere else. I have seen a lot of legislation that go to committee and get buried.


The make up of the committee is pretty moderate with a handful that are anti-gun, the Committee chairs is "anti-gun", but the majority of this sub-committee seems pretty moderate and conservative.


Not to mention this is just a House Bill, don't they have to set up a similar Senate bill to move this forward. I would really take notice is a Senate Bill started developing and I would and will take interest once it gets refered "from" committee in its current form, but again...they will need the Senate to really move forward.


And thus...that is why I say...I don't think this is going to be a big priority for the next administration.

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