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Novice Question on Magazine capacity


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I am a rookie to Shotguns (mostly handgun experience). I recently purchased a Benneli Nova Pump. It would appear that the plastic rod that limits magazine capacity to 2 rounds is indeed installed as the manual indicates. I must be dense as it's just not obvious to me how to go about removing it (Yes, I have the manual in front of me). So I have some very basic questions and hopeful you guys will bear with me and set me straight! :-)


I have removed the barrel .. and from here it's all down hill. Step 3 in the directions indicates sticking a screwdriver inside and holding the spring & retainer in place. In my case I believe this is the red "+" shaped spring loaded plug that presses up against a black piece of metal that sits ~1/3" from the end of the magazine tube.


This black metal piece, which I think is the retainer ring seems to be my problem (if I'm not already off in the weeds). I'm having a bugger of a time getting my pliers to take hold of the two tiny holes (which I think I need to use to compress and remove the ring). Perhaps I just need to go buy some really small needle nose pliers ... but how much pressure should this require?





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The ring is designed to be removed with the aid of snap ring pliers. You can get them at hardware stores, home centers, auto stores, etc.




You can also remove the ring by inserting a screwdriver or other tool into the hole in the center and prying it up on one side, then the other.


CAUTION: The spring under the cap is compressed. Do not stand over the thing while removing the cap.

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

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Yeah, needle nose pliers would work best here. But as stated earlier, the retainer cap can be gently pryed out with a screwdriver. Not too much pressure is needed to release the tension. Either way, just keep a screwdriver centered/placed firmly on the plug/in the middle of the spring so that, when the retainer cap is released, the spring wont come flying out. Ive found that a thick, flathead screwdriver works best for this.

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