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Which magazine spring do I need?


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A while back I added a Benelli 1 shot extension to my SuperNova and am curious which magazine spring will best suit my combination. It is the same tube used on the M2 but gives me a mag capacity of six vs the M2's five. I have been using a M2 spring but after a few thousand rounds I feel it needs an upgrade. Out of the other 12ga models which spring will be best for a 6 round magazine? I have a super long Benelli spring but it is way to much for what I need. **** Also if you know the lengths of the different springs please let me know *****

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Im not sure if this will help much. I have a +2, not a +1 like yours, mag extension (Nordic Components) for my SuperNova and I believe the spring that came with it was around 45" or so. Way too long for my needs. So, I had to cut it down to around 38", give or take. I still have a helluva lot of spring hanging out of the tube upon disassembly. But, everything seems to feed properly and allows for at least 6 in the chamber.


Now, that Benelli spring you mentioned. Is this a spare or one that you would feel comfortable modifying? If so, I would just take measurements from the spring you are currently using and cut the Benelli spring down to that length. This, of course, assumes that you have had no issues with the given length of the current spring you are using.


If you just choose to buy another spring, I would think about contacting Benelli and find out what spring length would work best for your configuration or at least which spring they tend to use for their weapons equipped with a mag extension. If all else fails and you just want to buy a spring somewhere else, I would probably start with at least 40". It seems better to err on the side of "too long" than "too short." Thats what wire cutters are for!!


If my answers/suggestions seem confusing, dont worry...I think I have just confused myself.:o

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