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SBII Sling


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I have a butler creek comfort stretch shotgun sling that I used with uncle mikes 1" swivels. Sometimes the swivel rubs against barell and makes marks how can I stop this? Also what other slings are available for this gun anything like a three point sling where I can basically not have to hold the weight of the weapon but still have it ready for use in the field while hunting?

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Not sure if this is anything near what you are looking for, but its at least a starting point. Of course, I wound up using this setup due to limited sling choices for my SuperNova. The "M" series guns such as yours are not so limited. But still, check it out. They have some cool stuff.


Below is the thread link where you will find several links to the ERT sling. They make 1 point, 2 point and 3 point slings. They also have "Hybrid" slings which convert from 1 pt. to 2 pt. and back.




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