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May return SBII for service after season.


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I have been having intermittant problems with my SBII in the field. Seems to be Federal Wing Shok 1500fps 2 3/4" #5 shot. ONLY the first shot on occasion seems to stovepipe or fail to eject. I have cleaned and lubed the entire gun and recoil tube. The gun seems to like a diecent amount of lube. Do you guys lube your ejector slide inside the barell?

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If the problem is with one specific brand and type of shells, then isn't the fix a bit obvious?


These shells are 1 1/4oz shot and 4 dram. I gave it not a thorough cleaning after raining in the field and put a few drops on the inside of the receiver (rails). I have had some times where it hasnt jammed on these shells in the field. A few days ago I did a good cleaning/lube. on the bolt itself I made sure to lube the parts that have wear on them (the bottom corners and where they slide inside the received) I use nitrile glove and rub a light coat of CLP on then whipe it off only leaving a light coat. I fired two rounds that day without any problems.....CLP doesnt freeze does it and tucker should I put a few drops of clp on the ejector slide?

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I apply drops of CLP to all slides and internal parts, then wipe them all down. Never have a problem with mine shooting Kent Fasteel, Federal dove loads, and Winchester dove loads.

I have had a few Drylocks to not eject properly.


My theory on gun lbue has always been that oil attracts dirt, which leads to gumming, fouling, and failure.

I never leave anything wet, just coated enough to provide corrosion resistance and a slick surface on a molecular level.

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