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Will anything help reduce recoil on M2Field


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Will a limbsaver pad and or ported choke tube help the recoil of a new M2 that is already equipped with a comfort tech stock .

I want to stay away from the mercury filled reducer because of weight , the reason i went with the M2 in the first place .

Changing to the C shim and putting a larger front bead lowered the POA so now i,m wondering if there is anything that can be done to help the recoil .

I knew going in the lighter gun was going to kick butt , but just hoping .

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Porting will help with muzzle flip. Benelli's just kick. Most people shoot way too much shell anyway. I found I could kill ducks just as dead with a 2.75" shell and I didn't need a 3" shell. If you really want to kill them just use some of the tungsten, or other no-tox shell that have more density than lead. It kills em like the old days and without so much recoil.

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