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  1. The limbsaver is the way to go and it does reduce recoil
  2. I,d secure it with small wire ties . If it is the magnetic type vines limbs etc will snag it and pull it off . The ties make it more secure .
  3. Pro that,s why you get a shorter horse ! No really i know what you mean about the futher to fall . You have to have a good horse that you can believe in . I,m looking for another one right now so i can take buddy,s with me that haven,t ever been on a horse . I,ve been hunting with some people who shake there head and mumble this is going to be fun watching him bust is ass , but after a afternoon round i,ll hear does that horse ride double . I appreciate anybody that has passion for what they do . My youngest son is 23 and loves the outdoors and is always my competion and he,s starting to gain on me now as he gets smarter in the ways of the woods and water , when he beats me he,ll say i got you today pops and i,ll always say just be doing it when you get my age . I hope he does . Talking about quail hunting about the only outdoor shows i watch on tv are the ones with the quail hunting with dogs . I used to have a hat that said . The More I,m around Women The Better I Like My Dogs ! I think my wife did away with it , i can,t find it to wear anymore .
  4. Pro i,m not a spring chicken i,m 61 but i have ridden all my life and i,m getting lazy . It,s easier to ride than walk those cur dogs can strech it out sometimes . But make no mistake the horse i ride is really special he,s 10 and has been squirrel hunting 8 of those years and up until lately had a lot of squirrels shot off him , but lately he,s just been shot off . Like i said i don,t care if i kill anything are not . With what i,ve got in horses and dogs and gear i could sell out and eat steak and a lobster every now and then , but i,d be bored to death . I,m in mississippi and read where we have about 45 deer per acre but there safe with me i can,t sit still and have alawys had some type hunting dogs . Anyway thanks for the reply i,ll get this gun worked out even if i don,t care about killing i want the gun to shoot where i aim and i,m only 6 inches off now that,s better than the foot i started off with . I wonder how many people really take the time to pattern there guns and know where there shooting . Not many i bet .
  5. Thanks Pro the m2 doesn,t have a d shim and benelli says they don,t offer one for it . I do have another c shim ordered and will be putting it own as soon as i get it . I like the benelli but must say out about 6 other shotguns i have this is the only one that i have to adjust my cheek after i throw the gun up to make it shot dead center , the others are there when i throw them up the first time . I learned my shotgun shooting with a A-5 and i shoot them well , funny thing i have always had people tell me how they couldn,t hit with them now the shoes on the other foot . I used to bird hunt , but here in misssissippi we don,t have many birds anymore so i started squirrel hunting with dogs , it,s about the same except it gets hard to find the squirrel in the tree all you see sometimes is a ear or foot but once they start running there pretty hard to hit , but anyway you do get to watch the dogs work etc .thats what makes it fun not the killing , put i do want the gun to shoot where i aim it . Oh ! To make it even more fun we hunt off horses shooting and all if you like guns, dogs , horses and fun it,s the only way to fly . Thanks for your input .
  6. Again has anyone had to use two c shimms to lower point of aim or impact ?
  7. Is there any of you using two c shims to get enough drop on a 12ga m2 to lower point of aim . I,ve tried a c and a modified b but still shooting a little high plus still seeing to much rib .
  8. I,ll even trip you trigger more ! We do it off horses , we turn one to three dogs loose and the dogs don,t open on track like coon dogs but once they tree theres plenty of barking a knawing at the tree we ride to the tree and circle it and thats when it gets tough a squirrel can really hide , we might only see a ear are a pc of moss ( tail ) thats not anywhere else in the tree . Then the shooting starts and after several shots someone has to volunteer to get off there horse to get the squirrel . Two things are a must good tree dogs and a horse that you can count on not to kill in the vines and mud , but they can be had and i wouldn,t trade a day in the woods with good dogs and friends riding my horse for the world record white tail , but i know that it,s not everybodys cup of tea , we kill 3 somedays and 20 others it,s not about the kill it,s way we do it . As a buddy says if that don,t melt your butter your biscuits aren,t hot . That,s why i need the gun to fit me better because once you see the squirrel the actions real fast for about 3 minutes .
  9. I,ve always shot a browning a-5 and always hit my point of aim dead center on a pc of poster paper . I purchased a m2 12ga with the confort tech stock and put a limb saver butt pad on it for recoil . I know that the euro guns have a built in rise to help with flushing birds or trap etc. I shot my m2 on poster paper with a dot in the middle of the paper with full choke ( squirrel hunt ) all my shot hit the top half of the paper , so i changed to the c shim but the pattern didn,t change , i shaved down a B shim and put it with a C shim it still shot high . I even put a pencil on top of the rib and shot at the dot with the dot on top of pencil making a 8 it still didn,t change . I had a friend come over and shoot gun it hit dead center with him shooting , he watched me looking down side of barrel as i shot and he told me i was aiming high . I put my cheek down as far as i could on cheek pad that i couldn,t even see front bead he looked down side of barrel and said i was aimed dead on . So i loaded gun and pushed my face down as far as i could again so much that i was guessing where front bead was and shot hitting paper dead center , i did this 2 more times same results . My question is after all this explaining what should i do . I hunt squirrels with dogs and it,s mostly fast jump shooting with the squirrels running sideways way more that rising , so i,m not sure i,ll remember are react quick enough to really putting my cheek down . Is there some way to lower the cheek pad on the gun to better fit me for jump shooting , i,ve like the m2 but i never had this problem with the browning a-5. Does anyone else have to get down as far as i have to to hit the center on my target ? I,m at my wits end please help . Thank You .
  10. curdog


    I don,t know about any other guns benelli are not . I owned a gun shop and have shot a lot of shotguns and i,m also a large framed guy and other than a ithaca 37 light weight this m2 field with a 21in barrel is the hardest kicking gun i,ve ever shot , but it is also the lightest 12 ga i,ve ever shot and i,d rather tot this gun all day than a heavier one that kicks less , now if i was sitting in a blind i,d have to reconsider .
  11. I had a hard time when i got my m2 and it was shooting high , i had to go to the C shim plus higher front bead but now that i,ve got it shooting right i can see where benelli is ahead of the field with the differrent shims for different styles and size people . But it will kinda get you going when you buy a high dollar gun and then you have to tinker with it .
  12. If you are getting the dog for a family pet , then you would want to start off with a pup but i think that if you want the dog for hunting you would be better off with a trained dog . Being new to hunting dogs , you can learn alot,s from a trained dog and also start hunting amediately , and a older dog can make a good family pet also most dogs like attention and love . The good of buying a trained dog is that you see what you getting before buying and it will help with pup training . The bad is they cost more but you can buy a pup raise it to the hunting age and do everything all the books say and have feed etc and attachment and still not have a hunting dog . So it,s your call . Pay more up front and get a sure thing or take a chance . This applys to all type hunting dogs . Some people have a nack for training and some don,t .
  13. curdog

    Choke question?

    Your booklet should help you with this . But the chokes are full for a tight patern which means the shot will stay tighter together it,s used more for something sitting still like turkey and squirrel as you go down the line mod would be less open it,s the in between choke then you have impcyl which is more open for moving targets like shooting skeet and quail , it depends on your shooting skills which choke you need there are some people who could use a full choke and shoot skeet were most people use impcyl to give them a more wide open pattern . Note this is with lead shot if your shooting steel shot it stays tighter so you would want to shoot mod instead of full etc .
  14. I wanted the lightest gun that i could get with the camo stock and in a 12 ga so i went with a m2 field with the comfortec stock , the gun is about 6 1/2 ibs. which is great for all day hunting , but i wasn,t ready for the brutal recoil and i,ve hunted with several browning A5,s . I think unless i was walking alot,s i,d go with the heavier gun to help recoil .
  15. If i wanted the gun i wouldn,t worry about the comfortec stock other than fit . I had to go with a limbsaver pad for the recoil .
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