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lightweight/woodcock question


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So just had the new woodcock 12g out to the clays, everything I thought it would be, responsive and fast.


However I have a question on the carbon rib fitment. It seems to be slightly loose at the chamber end, not enough to be obvious when shooting but now that it's been fired (some 50 times) it's there none the less, is this "normal" considering it was written up in a magazine article as "floating"???




Andy Brown.

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I see you are getting no replies. My humble Montefeltro Silver has a floating carbon rib and I wonder if yours has the same system? I really don't know about your high-dollar gun. What if you tried loosening the screws at the front of the barrel (see your manual) that secure the rib, and shoving the rib tighter towards the receiver, then re-tighten. If this happened to mine, that is what I would try... your mileage may vary. Sorry but I just don't know your gun and few other people will either... we can't afford them!

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