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  1. Then grab a limb-saver and be done with it!
  2. What? You got an "ugly" dog or something?
  3. Duh! Count 'em! Are you blonde, Trapshooter?
  4. Won't help your sight plane at all unless you stick a bead on the extended part... think about it. The ported ones offer some advantages... maybe. And, for sure... they really look cool! (No I'm not a teenager but my wife says I act like one sometimes.) With chokes, I think you just gotta' try 'em and see what they do for you. A patterning board is a must. I have settled on a Briley Light Modified Extended (and ported) for dove AND quail... tight enough to make the long shots, but broad enough not to tear up the birds in close. I patterned it and it out-shot all the others I tried. I had big holes in the pattern with larger openings and I don't shoot that good anymore to handle the accuracy needed for the tighter ones (at my age, I AM subject to "senior moments.")
  5. You know what folks say about dogs and their owners... Bet he looks just like YOU!!! Will he never get to "shoot" just like all your other prized "possessions?" O.K... he IS a handsome fellow and I know you're proud of him.
  6. Beats me. I shoot Rio's high brass, 20 gauge, and have never had a single problem.
  7. C & D. My gun was really shooting high for me... I was used to the Browning Sweet 16 (which I bought new in 1966 and have shot all my life). Those old "hump-backs" really hike the sighting plane high for you. You just have to remove the little knobs off the surfaces of the shims where they touch one another (pair of dikes will do it... ["dike" = tool in this context])... no glue necessary... just tighten up the stock and you're good to go.
  8. I've been a two-shim shooter for about a year now with my Montefeltro Silver 20. It took both shims to get it down to a 50/50. I like fine that way. Hope it works well for you... does for me.
  9. Get your manual and look at the page about the stock mounting plate. It may need to be reversed to get the barrel cant pointed in a more suitable direction for you.
  10. This is a tough crowd, isn't it, M1014? You post the most beautiful pics of fine guns on the forum and all we seem to do is "rag" you about it. Hang in there. How about maybe keeping some "un-shot" for investment purposes, and shoot some for enjoyment purposes? I have enjoyed your posts immensely. Keep 'em coming. Rod
  11. Beautiful... as are most your posts. But... you gotta' shoot 'em to get 'em "warm." They stay cold in the vault.
  12. Beautiful! You win! Congratulations! Way to "hang." You have committed a good.
  13. Beautiful! You win! Congratulations!
  14. Yea... you gonna' like a bunch!!! Good transaction!
  15. You want the POI to go up, or down? We will also need to know what shim is in there now. Look at the shims that are in the "extra" package and see if there is one missing... that's the one in the gun... probably. Have done this. Just need to know this stuff to be able to help you. Monty
  16. Absolutely fantastic report! Thanks for posting. Folks need to know what is going on over there with these fine young men and women. They must be on pins and needles 24/7. I had no idea the danger level was so high and so constant for them.
  17. Hey, Tucker, that was sweet... but you are tarnishing your tough-guy image with such talk! Just kidding. They DO have terrific service and are nice folks to deal with. An AMEN to your comments.
  18. Don't feel too bad about that, Timb. That IS exactly what he asked for. (Help me, help me... and just guess how!)
  19. MontefeltroPro

    GOT IT

    Settle down, Dude. Relax. We need you to keep posting pictures of beautiful guns which will never be fired. (For what reason, one might ask???) Oh well, some use 'em, some collect them. Wish I was in your will. I'd shoot the he** out of all of them after you're gone! Have a good one. Just don't think about the future... sure... you'll be here forever. Don't worry about it... keep posting... we all enjoy your posts.
  20. Upland game = Montefeltro. Waterfowl?... it would be good but the hard-core waterfowlers usually want something camo with a 3 1/2 shell capability. If you can settle for 3" shell shooting (or less), then again, it's Montefeltro. If you are are walking and carrying, as in quail, pheasant, chukkar, etc... the Montefeltro is much lighter than the others and you will get less tired. And, it has a five shot capacity (unlike the blessed new Vinci and the ultra-light). Here in Texas, we can carry five shots for upland game (but we have to plug to 3 for dove). Hope this helps (rather than "confuse"). Monty
  21. MWP, I think we will need to know what you are using the gun for.
  22. No, no, no, TWM... you WANT that... what you NEED you can find at Wal-Mart!... and save lots and lots of money.
  23. Guns ain't jewelry, Dude... go shoot something.
  24. You know, timb, I think you're probably right.. 70mm does = 2 3/4". Plus, if that gun had been made in 1970, chances are it would be a Japanese manufacture... isn't that about the time when the Japanese Brownings hit the market? This barrel clearly says "Belgium." Do you know where I look to find the year of manufacture using the serial number?
  25. Thanks, Trapshooter. I use Briley chokes in my Montefeltro and just didn't think to consult their site to find this out. I appreciate your help!
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