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Shortening Recoil Spring Tube?


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Ah, I'm thinking you wouldn't be able to reassemble it. ;)


I guess you're attempting to have a more tightened spring in the tube so as to have greater recoil. Correct?


If so, don't you think the Benelli engineers would have shortened it more themselves? Just asking a question....


There are after-market recoil spring and tube assemblies you might want to check out first before you alter your original tube.

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I am actually trying to do this with another shotgun that I can easily reassemble the recoil spring tube after I shorten it. What these guns have in common is the recoil spring tube.


I posted on the benelli forum because lots of these guns are used for social work, and a lot of the shooters need shorter LOP's due to body armor. I am hoping someone here has a gun that has its tube shortened so they can have a shorter LOP on the gun.

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