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Successful SOCOMguy Mag Tube Swap


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I posted this on the thread” Hand held blow torch + mag tube removal?” by cop1211 and am reposting it here as not to hijack that thread:

I received my full length magazine tube for my M4 from SOCOMguy yesterday December 26th. By using a Milwaukee 1200 watt heat gun and aiming it at the base of the tube and receiver for about two minutes it loosened the factory Locktite stuff. It was still a bit difficult to turn but I wanted to use as little heat as I could.

The end of the factory tube and receiver were still very hot to the touch even after only 2 minutes of exposure. My M4 wears the Desert Camo which was not affected at all by the heat. After assembly with the full length mag tube and factoy spring (but without using any new Locktite) I did a manual function check using dummy 12 gauge shells. I encountered no malfunctions at all. I even tried loading one on the shell lifter and that functioned flawlessly; but again this was all manual testing I’ll post a range report of the live fire testing.

I also found a guy who will Dura Coat the new mag tube to match the Benelli Desert Camo pattern.


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I was able to shoot my new M4 for the first time yesterday. With the new SOCOMguy full length magazine tube installed using the original factory spring and no Locktite; I fired 30 rifled slugs and 20 “00” Buck with no malfunctions. Even with a max capacity of 9 shells (7+1+1) the M4 fired them as fast as I could pull the trigger without mishap.


Thanks SOCOMguy for a fine product.

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