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Cleaning recoil plunger/spring


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I spoke with the Benelli service tech about cleaning the recoil spring assembly on my M2. I was told to clean it by flushing it out with gun scrubber.

1.Take off the butt plate and locate a pin hole in th end of the plunger tube.

2.Remove the bolt.

3.Use a push pin, etc. to hold the plunger open and spray scrubber in to the tube. (The scrubber will run out the pin hole and look dirty depending on how much the gun has been shot.)

4.Repeat process until scrubber comes out of the pin hole looking clean.

5. Give the gun at least 2 hours (preferably over night) to dry out before shooting.


She said I shouldn' t need to do this with my new gun, but I'm passing this on because I've read several suggestions on this site that say to apply heat and take the thing apart. Don't know if that's necessary given the "official" directions from Benelli.

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have you tried this method ,my m2 is about 8 months old with 500 rounds through it ,and its starting to jam the shells coming up the elevator not going out the ejection port , i thought it was the cold weather maby its getting dirty inside there THANKS fore the sujestion

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