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NEW SBE SLUG need advice


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Hello folks,

I'm new to the forum. It's been a pleasure browsing the Site. I've learned a great deal.

Could use some advice.

I've put some money down on a SBE ll Slug gun.

(black matte, includes Burris Scope.) I'm hopping to find an extra barrel, 26" smooth bore, and make it my all things except upland, shotgun.


1. Any suggestions on where to find an extra barrel? Other than the obvious concerns of condition, are their any issues I should know about when looking for extra barrels?


2.Is the SBEll Slug gun's action and stock the same as the ones orignally set up for birds.


3. Could I swap out the bolt spring to shoot lighter loads? (less than 3dram). Is the bolt spring easy to change?


4. Accuracy. In your experience, how better is the SBE ll over the 11-87 w/ cantalever? Assuming both are using the brand of slugs they like.


4. I don't have much experience with water-foul or deer hunting. How much of a handicap will I create to the other hunters in the blind for not having a camo shotgun?


I appriciate any advice you might have.

Thank you


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Thanks Tucker.

But you break my heart. 11-87 vs. SBE ll; no difference in slug accuracy... I was hoping that the extra $1000.00 would make all the difference. Looks like a dream with ducks and geese though.

I was told that the camo was worth it only in that it helped resist rust and such. But another fellow says that it’s porous and doesn’t make any difference. Any thoughts?

Much obliged,


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I have owned about 5 SBE slug barrels and all have shot better than any other gun at the range. They have a 1 in 28" twist which is accepted as the best for modern,high speed slugs(I THINK the 11-87 is a slower 1 in 34). They also seem to have alot less "flyers". If you are shooting less than 125 yds try Lightflield slugs, if longer I have had great success with Federal/Barnes slugs out to 200 yds. All my SBE slug guns like to be dirty, I only clean the barrel when accuracy falls off or end of season.

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