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New owner of Benelli M1 Super 90


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Greetings to all from Kansas City. I feel lucky, earlier this week I purchased a used Benelli M1 Super 90. The shotgun did not come with a manual or box, but the price was too good to pass. I have just started looking at accessories for this model and am ready to mod! Can anyone advise on which brand of extended magazine is the 'best'? Any tips on where to pay attention when cleaning? Any 'weak' points?


Any experienced Benelli owners could benefit me a great deal; just help me ask the right questions. If your brother, cousin, son purchased a used Benelli - what would you tell them?


Any help with increasing reliability, increasing performance for a sporting shotgun, links to how to completely disassemble would be welcomed.


Does anyone know if the M1 Super 90 synthetic came with the mercury recoil reducer?


Thanks for any and all feedback and Happy New Year.



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Try this link for your super 90 manual as a pdf :



Tom Kapp has a closeout sale on Benelli magazine extensions see link below:



Disassembly is covered in the pdf manual


Lube the friction points of moving parts...normal shotgun stuff.


Benelli recoil reducers are available ... do a google search....but the do add some weight.


I have a couple of the M1 Super 90's good guns reliable just as they come with normal cleaning and maintenance.


I would tell your relatives "if you get tired of it, sell it to me".


Just get used to how this gun operates.... usually they are set up for regular full power loads....if you want to change to low recoil stuff, get the Wolff reduced recoil recoil spring but, then don't use the full power loads in it... It's a either or proposition on that issue.


good luck



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