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  1. Yup Thats's the one....good idea....didn't think of that. I dug though my AR stuff, but no barrel clamp but easy enough to get coming. Thanks for a good idea regards Paul
  2. I am trying to figure out what will work to make a front sling plate for the SBEII I ordered a 870 front sling plate, to see if I can adapt it but ...it's not in yet. I added the forend cap replacement weight which balanced out the gun, but I do use a sling so I wondered, have any of you or do you know who has come up with a under the forend cap sling plate ? thanks Paul
  3. If you would like a left hand Super Black Eagle II in left hand, give me a call at 208 237 9788 Need to catch up medical bills This is a new gun...never been in the field $980.00 firm plus shipping. thanks Paul Idaho
  4. How do you removed the full length magazine tube, from the M-1 Super 90 entry model (older H&K but same model) ...it looks like it is threaded on to a short portion of tube near the receiver. I need to change out the mag tube spring, but am not sure just how to go about it's removal. Pointers would be helpful. thanks Paul
  5. ppro

    Sbeii recoil reducer

    Thanks Matt On order..... Paul
  6. Will the Benelli brand buttstock mercury recoil reducer for the Super Black Eagle synthetic model, also fit the Super Black Eagle II ? Guessing it will, but not sure. thanks Paul
  7. Ok I like my Benelli's better than most, having 6 Novas, 2 super 90's a super black eagle etc etc. BUT You might just consider something like the 590A1 : mossberg:http://www.rrarms.com/catalog.php?prod=G51411 for $388.00 or http://www.rrarms.com/catalog.php?prod=G51660 for $434.00 Both very good models for what your talking or Just get a good Remington 870 version you like After (of course) you get all the Benelli's you want. regards Paul
  8. Quit wasting you time / money looking for a barrel....to expensive anyway. You can pretty much buy A complete gun, for the price of the barrel...! Just have one of your FFL buddies order you the Remington Home defense model 870. Beats the heck out of paying all that money, just for the barrel.....and....you have another shotgun .....isn't that wonderful ?!? Only here to help...... Besides ....you really CAN'T have to many shotguns Paul
  9. Mine shoots 3 dram 1200 fps 1 1/8 oz very well, no bobbles, low base loads. And the patterns with what it likes are superb. Nary a problem with low brass as per above. Paul
  10. Eleven shotguns.... Paul
  11. Try this link for your super 90 manual as a pdf : http://www.benelliusa.com/customer-service/manuals.tpl Tom Kapp has a closeout sale on Benelli magazine extensions see link below: http://www.tomknapp.net/store/home.php?cat=35 Disassembly is covered in the pdf manual Lube the friction points of moving parts...normal shotgun stuff. Benelli recoil reducers are available ... do a google search....but the do add some weight. I have a couple of the M1 Super 90's good guns reliable just as they come with normal cleaning and maintenance. I would tell your relat
  12. I haven't noticed this type of problem with the Nova's so, it appears that it may be specific to some of the Super Nova's ? So, the bolt falls out of battery on it own...? Not good. Please update us on when one of you learn what Benelli does to remedy or if you can, what action is taken to correct the problem. thanks Paul
  13. scotmak The Nova or Super Nova is a very good choice for deer hunting with slugs. The interior quality of the Benelli barrel is better and easier to clean up after shooting slugs than most other manufacturers barrels. This is no doubt, due to the industrial hard chrome and smooth finish inside the barrel. The Nova and Super Nova are very accurate with slugs that the gun likes and I would expect that you should have no trouble taking deer out to ranges of 75 or 80 yards with ammunition that the gun likes. You will have to do some testing and shooting to see what you and the gu
  14. Nikolai I think his question was does anyone know how to make it quiet not who cares if it's quiet. regards Paul
  15. I am in Idaho, but I did find the exact model you are wanting (and which I bought myself) at Sportsmans Warehouse. You might google them up and give them a call....they have always had good prices on the Benelli's I think if you do some internet searching of the main Benelli dealers, you can find one. good luck Paul
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