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Thinner butt plate to replace recoil pad?


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Love my new Montefeltro Silver 20 gauge! I use it for quail and dove hunting and have done some skeet with it. It's just a little long for me... I need just a 1/4 or 3/8" less LOP. Does anyone know where I might look to find a thin butt plate for this gun? I'd love to have walnut or ivory but plastic would be just fine. I only need to gain a fraction of an inch to get the correct length of pull for my small frame. Recoil is absolutely NOT an issue for me. The other thing is that I have noticed that the stock recoil pad, being a rather porous rubber, snags on my clothing and I often am not able to find the "pocket" of my shoulder, ending up with a sore upper arm (outside the shoulder-pocket). The gun is just a little too long and I need something shorter and "slicker" on the surface of the back end. I am very reluctant to shorten the stock... I think a slimmer butt plate would fix it.


What are your thoughts and what would you recommend?


Thanks in advance for any advice you can send.

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What thickness is the buttpad now?

The recoil pad that came on it has quite a curve to it: while it is only 3/8" in the middle, it flairs to 5/8" at the top and bottom. When shoot it, I seem to be more in contact with the lower (5/8') portion. A thinner butt plate with less curve is what I am looking for. I am really used to a flatter butt plate... never had a "recoil pad" on previous shotguns.

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