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SBE2 constriction and hevi-shot?


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I just had a great conversation with the folks over at Kicks and was talking to them about the SBE2 and their choke recommendations.


Beyond all the details to that conversation, one significant item that popped up was the relationship between choke constriction and the usage of hevi-shot.


My current turkey setup is Nitro 4x5x7 hevi-shot H51013 with a Rhino .660 choke. The patterns are devastating out to 60+ yards.


Now when speaking with the Kicks rep, he was very convincing in his statement of not exceeding a constriction of .698 for my SBE2 choke when shooting hevi-shot due to the hardness of hevi-shot and the relative physics and impending danger of cracking/splitting/bulging the barrel or yourself.


So to keep this short...why do many manufacturers (and Nitro custom ammo) recommend using tighter chokes despite the potential inherent danger? i.e. the .660 with 4x5x7 hevi-shot (now H51013A)


Now, despite the lackluster performance of other chokes in this range (.698 or higher), I will likely give the Kicks a try to see how it patterns.


Ultimately, I think the safety of myself and keeping the gun in one piece supercedes a tighter pattern or longer range.


What are all your thoughts?

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The guys at Kicks have historicaly always tried to play it safe and stay out of legal trouble. Ever since the introduction of Hevi-Shot, it has been hard to get a straight answer out of them. You will notice that many other manufacturers have jumped in and started swimming with it, and Kicks and Comp n Choke, have stayed close to the shore.

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CH, thanks for the reply!


Thinking about this more...if the barrel of the SBE2 is wide enough to handle the loads (anything including steel), then it all comes down to the choke and the bottlenecking that results.


If the choke is made of a material that can withstand the pressure, then I can't see that section of the barrel cracking as a result.


I'd be more concerned about the shot "backing up" into the barrel before the choke starts as a result of the bottlenecking and cracking there.


I don't know, some guys shoot all the way down to .650 with hevi-shot loads...and don't sweat it. But here Kicks is saying nothing under .698 should be used? That's a heck of a jump in constriction and eliminates just about every commonly used choke out there.


Strange, I think I'll try to call Benelli today and maybe call Rhino (since I have one of their chokes) and see what their thoughts are.

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Here's a little food for thought, I am shooting a TruGLO Strutstopper Xtreme .643 with 3in Hevi-Shot Hevi13 #6 in my Supernova and M1 S90 for turkeys. I ran this combo last season, brought an end to six longbeards with it, and still have my fingers,toes, and barrels in tact.


Check out the picture in Comp n Chokes FAQ section of their site

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CH, very nice and congrats on the birds!


I do see it all the time, a lot of guys out there shooting tight with hevi-shot. Just the KI rep's comment about seeing split barrels "all the time", had me a little concerned. Yet I'm not reading much about them...so not sure how often it happens and if it's really due to the hevi-shot (and not steel) going through tight chokes...although they say hevi-shot is as hard as steel?

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The weird thing is, when you shop many choke mfrs. sites, they mostly are all rated for all turkey loads, listing Hevi-Shot in the mix, using it as a generic term for all of the new exotic "hevier than lead" shot, but then specifically state "No steel shot". I wouldn't sweat it too much, if you really want a KI choke, just go for it. If you aren't willing to risk it, The Jellyhead, TruGLO, Tite-Wad, and Carlson's tubes will be waiting for you. Any one of these will make feathers fly, and even save you a few bucks. Remember, turkey hunting is hard enough as it is, to be also worrying about your gear letting you down.


I wish you luck, and invite you to keep in touch as the season progresses. You should check out the forum on Quaker Boy's website and hang with me and some other cool guys, you will be able to get some more answers there, and even pick up some fun tips! www.quakerboy.com/forums

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AviD shoot the rhino Nitro combo you have and you will not be disappointed. Kicks wants you to buy their products simple as that you have said you are getting great patterns then no need to change.


Sorry took me a bit to get back to you.


I'm actually good for turkeys but looking to pattern for predator shot and buckshot.


I posted my concern in this forum because it's relative to turkey loads as well I would think.


If cumulatively you are squeezing 2oz+ (turkey) or 1-5/8oz (3.5" DC T) or 1-1/2oz (3" DC T) through a sub full (in this case a .660) choke...how can it be "OK" to shoot the turkey load but not the others?


If anything I would think the larger load (turkey) would be more prone to causing "bulging" problems than T or buckshot, no? Same material, same hardness...stuffed in and through the same area (choke).

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