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unlucky duck

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What shells are you using if you are shooting Kents try Federals, Fast steel is cheap for a reason, Try Winchester Supremes or Frederal Premiums, for chokes you can get good deals on Tru Lock Precision Hunter tubes on Gun Broker or you can go with Briley or even Cabelas chokes they are made by Carlsons. But you are beating your head against a wall if you are shooting cheap shells and looking for good results.



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Hi Unlucky Duck

I have a SBE II and a Franchi 912 as a back up gun, the 912 has gotten a workout since I have had lots of trouble with my SBE II, My 912 has been better than I can ask, not one malfunction! I have shot everything from Cranes to teal with it.

Congrats! on your new SBE. Mine will be heading to benelli this week. I hope they find the problem.



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