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  1. I support both organizations. I also support Pheasants Forever who has a great reputation for helping the ducks too.
  2. Thank you for the kind words and the warm welcome. I try to get as much as possible. I love to bird hunt and the dog work is even more fun.
  3. I've never used one, so I dont have any experience with them. For those who do use them....what do you do when you miss, for sake of a situation. I know...you guys never miss right? LOL! I missed a big bird a few years ago, and when he jumped and flew...I took him right out of the air like a goose. Thats where my waterfowling experience came in handy! LOL! I think that would be hard to do with a scope.
  4. Woodhaven Cherry classic slate and crystal. Both of these calls are awesome. The Woodhaven cluck'n purr pot is another slammer to have. I have taken quite a few birds with all of these calls. Another call maker to check out.....he is known for world class waterfowl calls, Zinks calls. I have his PowerHen Walnut slate and like it so far. The turkey will tell me....this will be the first spring with it. LOL!
  5. It is both. In the picture it appears to be closer than what it really is. By law, we have to be 150yrds away, and we were 260yrds, shooting away. We actually repositioned the blinds to a more level spot so the birds would stay in place for the picture.
  6. I bought a hen deke last year from Dave. I call her "Violated Violet" and for great reasons. Opening day of our spring gobbler season, she was violated three times, two of the violators were taken down quickly and brought to justice by my two good friends. On the fourth day of our season she had to experience several rounds of dominant hens kicking and pecking her. The first Saturday.....she, along with her beautiful looks, lured in two dandy toms that my brother and dad took. It wasnt until the second week I finally had the chance to chase a nice bird myself. She pulled through for me on a ve
  7. Sorry to hear of your loss. God Bless
  8. Kent Upland 2.75" 7-1/2 Diamond shot for preserve birds 5 Diamond shot for wild birds
  9. Have you tried the Patternmaster choke tubes? I get excellent patterns out of my crio-chokes. Have you used the Benelli chokes?
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