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Benelli M1 field 20ga slug gun


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I have Remingtons, Brownings and Berettas in my shotgun collection but no Benelli. But, I have buddies that swear by Benelli. I want a versatile 20ga and want to add a Benelli to the rack. I like the M1 20ga slug gun with rifled sights and the drilled and tapped receiver. The ballistics of the Rem core-locked slugs convinced me a 20 will be sufficient for deer. I can use the sights when I'm driving deer and put a scope on when I'm still hunting. I also want to change to a 26" barrel for quail and dove and a short tactical 18.5" or 20" w/ choke tubes and extended mag tube for piece of mind in the house and fun on the range. I can't find any info on the benelli site to confirm if other barrels are interchangable with the factory slug gun. Am I asking to much for one receiver? Or will I have to look at a non-factory slug gun and give up the drilled and tapped receiver. Can anyone set me straight? Any of y'all have experience with a 20ga M1 slug, if so, how do you like it?

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I'm not sure about the 20 guage but I have read that the 12 guage will have to use a modified fore end as the barrel is bigger on the slug than on the standard. The slug barrel will fit on any receiver I believe but you would need to get the new fore end. If you happen to get the 20 ga. slug gun, let me know how it shoots because I am seriously considering getting one myself

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