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  1. They are 30 minutes from me. Bought several benelli's from them and so did some friends. Great people to deal with. No problems what so ever.
  2. Sorry, I thought it was the long range one. I don't need one for 3 1/2" shells
  3. The ports will definitely make it louder since some of the gases are coming out the sides of your gun instead of all out the end of your barrel. How much for the patternmaster?
  4. If you find one that is made to fit, let me know. I haven't been able to find one for it yet.
  5. I used the 3 1/2" #6's also last year. Deadly stuff with the right tube.
  6. DJ


    I use the Sims also. No problems either.
  7. They show a picture of 3 extended crio chokes for the SBE/M2 on the accessories page. One for turkey, waterfowl pass shooting and waterfowl decoy shooting tube.
  8. DJ

    Pad for 20a. m1

    Anyone know where to get a different pad for the 20 ga. m1? I need a longer length of pull for myself and a softer one to soak up recoil for my wife. With the thin one that came with it, I think it kicks more than my SBE. I love the gun though.
  9. I shoot a Briley Duck Choke, which is a light modified, for everything. My favorite load for ducks is 3" Federal premium #2's and for geese is 3 1/2" Federal premium BB.
  10. DJ

    Which Shell?

    Thanks guys.
  11. DJ

    Which Shell?

    Yeah, I'll be bringing my SBE as my main gun. I just thought it would be fun to shoot some geese in the fields with the 20ga. I may shoot some ducks in the potholes too. I was thinking about just using the 4's also. Thanks.
  12. DJ

    Which Shell?

    I bought a 20 ga. M1 for my wife. This thing is so nice that I am considering taking it to Canada with me this fall for geese and ducks as my back up gun. I am planning on shooting Hevi-shot. What sizes should I hunt with? I thought about the #4's for an all around load but wanted to here from someone that has real world experience. Thanks.
  13. I would say it's the wad. I patterned my gun using the flight control shells and was picking up the wad a good 35 steps in front of me. The wad is incredibly thick also, almost as thick as the shell itself. It is strange looking. I'd say they kick 30% more than the regular ones too!!
  14. Where have you saw a cantilever slug barrel for a SBE? Or are you talking about the factory one?
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