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Picatinny for SBE2


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I ordered a SBE2 and also ordered a slug barrel for it. I have an Aimpoint comp ML3 I want to mount on the slug barrel. Initially I could not find any rails designed to fit the SBE2 on the internet, so I called Benelli and asked what mount(s) the gun is tapped for. There answer was ONLY the Weaver 93a mount.


Do any of you know if there is something out there that will work. A rail would make so many more options possible than the Weaver mount. Any advise would be a great help.

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Check with member "Cleefurd", he is thinking of making replacement rails for the M4, see where they align, he may be able to set one up for you. I took a look at the one that came off my M4 when I put the sidesaddle on and some of them may align. Do you know anyone with an M4? Lay the $6 Weaver over it and compare.



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I was able to find this company who advertises their rail will fit the SBE2 among others. It looks to have the correct contour on the bottom for the Benelli. I will call them tomorrow and hopefully confirm it will work. I'll pay their $29.95 asking price if it will solve my problem.


The company is EGW (Evolution Gun Works), their part number is "27"

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