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Best sites online to buy ammunition


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^A dynamic price tool comparing lots of stuff to find the cheapest. Not so useful for finding the best, but say finding the "cheapest" for rounds like 9mm training ammo it's great for.


That said, all my latest ammo purchases have come from Ammo to Go, because they always seem to have in stock what they say they have in stock, and they ship within a few days, unlike other places which are weeks on back orders.




I've done a lot of business with AIM Surplus too, they are top notch guys that don't gouge, they are just swamped with orders and out of most stuff.




If you want the best though ... IMO the Federal "newly restricted LEO Tactical" ammo is pretty tough to beat. If you have a cop friend, order up some of this.




Be sure you get the "RS" version, it's the full power one with much greater velocity.




^The 9 pellet, 1325 velocity OO :)


Federal offers a lot of stuff that is similar, they have like 6 lines of buckshot, but I beleive these are the "best" of their offerings, and that's what you wanted.


That said, there is a whole bunch of other ammo out there. Browse around and buy a bunch of boxes and see what you like and what works best in YOUR gun.

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That may be true in Texas, but it sure as **** isn't true here.


Natchezss is selling Blazer 9mm for 8.75/box ... cheapst gun stores around here have like UMC for $15/box, sometimes wal mart has a few boxes of WWB for 10/box or so ... and it was only 8 dollars to ship 1000 from texas to NY (23 lbs). I have no idea how it's so cheap.

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