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  1. Man that blows. Thanks for the pics. Can't blow them up but got an idea now
  2. Yes, Please repost pics. Have a buddy with this issue.
  3. BNIB: Tombstone Reap Kit Matte Black frame TR22 Prizm lens TR45 Prizm lens clear lens Liquid Cleaner/Lens cloth Oakley soft case Oakley semi Rigid case $160 obo Buyer pays shipping and insurance if requested Money Order, PayPal +5% or friends and family, check(will hold till check clears)
  4. Mesa Tactical 6rnd Sureshell Shotshell carrier $80/obo. Buyer pays shipping and insurance if requested.
  5. Was that seriously needed? If u don't have anything to add that is benificial to the post just don't reply. Personally you can do whatever you want. It's an open forum with public access. If the mods would have had a problem with my post they would have taken it down and notified me. Also, somebody with a low post count who has only been here for a few months doesn't need to worry about a senior members posts. Best thing you can do is move along instead of jacking with my post.
  6. Magpul CTR Stock In like new condition Black in color $50 Rock River 16" Barrel Like New 1/8 turn NATO stamped 5.56mm 5R Rifling Barrel was traded out for 10.5" Less than 100 rounds down the barrel $150 or best offer Surefire R1 Rechargable flashlight Black in color New in Box $300 or best offer
  7. New Unit available in Black
  8. Really need to sell this. Any takers?
  9. Brand new in Box. Decided to go different direction. Trijicon TA11E Mounted Only. Never Fired. Retail $1605 Avg Price online $1365 Larue QD LT100 Retail $135 Also Includes: Tenabraex ARD Scope Coat Lens Pen Mounted Larue mount to Trijicon. Will send with stock mount also. $1500 or Best offer Not interested in Trades. Buyer pays for shipping and insurance
  10. New in Box. Frame: Cerakote Desert Sage Lens: Tungsten Iridium Retail: $160 Sell: $100 Buyer pays shipping Will take paypal. Send family and friends or add 4% for Paypal Fee. PM for pics
  11. Brand new. Never mounted. Black Still in box w/All paperwork $1050 Buyer pays shipping and Insurance Not interested in Trades, Serious inquiries only, Cash Talks
  12. Brand new. Never mounted. Tan Still in box w/All paperwork Born on Date: April 2016 $1000 Buyer pays shipping and Insurance
  13. Plus the shotguns are test fired before they leave the factory. Not a big deal. Checking to make everything works. Its all good.
  14. ****UPDATED**** All prices include shipping USPS unless you want alternate Carrier. Larue LT788 For Burris/Dr. Optic Brand New in package. 30/34mm $107. 00 New $90 Shipped P/N BBL-300 4 US Optics Rail mounted Anti-cant devices (Swivel design) 1 Brand new, ****SOLD**** 1 used ****SOLD**** 2 used but excellent condition (camo painted) $100 New $90 Shipped new $70 Shipped used Thanks in advance
  15. ****UPDATED**** Have the following for sale (All items include shipping): 1. 2.5" sunshades for Leupold Mk4 w/50mm objective. Painted with Krylon $25 2. 2 50mm Tenabraex kill flash for Mk4. Has Krylon on 1 of them. $75/ea obo 3. Magazine pouch for stock. $30 Will fit about any conventional or McMillan stock. 4. 2 small M4 soft gun cases. $30/ea Used but in good condition. (Serviceable) 5. Mesa Tactical 6 shot Shell Holder w/rail for Benelli M4 (Used but in great condition) $120 New $85 6. Magpul MIAD Full Grip Kit for AR15/M4/M16 family - Dark Earth (Brand New in package) $35 7. Leupold Mk4 Steel 30mm rings (Used, in great condition with Krylon camo applied) $105 8. Surefire M900 upgraded to LED with Red nav lights (Used but in good condition) $200 9. 2 Woodlad digital camo .308 5 round AICS Gunners gear mag pouches (used) $10/ea 10. 4 Black Bianchi 1911 Black Tactical Nylon 1911 Magazine pouches (New) #7302 $20/ea 11. Eagle Industries OD Green M4 single Magazine pouch MP1-M4/FB1-MS-OD (New) $25 12. Maxpedition Radio Pouch Coyote CP-L (New) $25 13. Versa Pod 300 Series Battle pack 7"-9" w/Pan & Tilt in multi cam bag (Like New only mounted on display rifle) $379 New $300
  16. I have one if ur interested in buying it. I can take pics n send it to u if u want to see it
  17. I have the side armor on both mine and love them. Very well built, very durable. Had no idea they were called Asgard now. LOL
  18. Sorry not a walking dead fan. Its on while I'm at work so I never got into it, but I thought I would help you guys out.
  19. I've got the Vickers sling on both my duty rifles, shotgun and my M39 now. I like the sling. Very useful
  20. Nice setup. I went with a vickers sling like on my M4.
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