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my 1st shotgun


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I just bought a 20 ga 28" Super Sport and I shoot skeet and trap. However, I bought the Super Sport for hunting and sporting clays, not skeet. In skeet, you shoot doubles at many of the stations and this becomes a problem with a semi-auto since it throws shells quite a distance. If you are going to get serious about skeet, you will need to start reloading your own shells to afford the game. I noticed that the Super Sport seems to throw the shells very close to shooter, hopefully by design, but you still have to bend over and pick them up. Picking up hulls becomes a real pain when you are shooting 150 rounds a session. Most skeet shooters use over and under guns for just this reason. The better shooters use tube guns. These are 12 ga o/u with a set of tubes that reduce the gauge to 20, 28 ga or 410. When I got into skeet last year, I decided to shoot 20 ga, since this is what I hunt with for pheasant, and I had Kolar 20 ga reduction tubes made for a Beretta 686 black onyx o/u field gun that I don't use much any longer. The reason I decided to "tube" a 12 ga is the weight of the gun. In skeet, you need a heavy gun to aid in follow-through for the passing shots. As my instructors always say "in Skeet, follow-through is everything". The Kolar tubes cost $700 which is a lot less than a Super Sport or a new dedicated skeet tube gun (Kolar skeet guns with a complete tube set run around $9000).


Back to the Super Sport. I really love this gun as a field gun for pheasant. I could have gone with the 20 ga cordoba (the same gun without the stainless steel receiver) and saved $100, but I like the looks of the Super Sport. It patterns lead and 20 ga steel extremely well with the factory chokes. Shooting 20 ga steel in North Dakota and Iowa was the main reason that I went with the Super Sport. Having four 3" steel 20 ga loads in the gun has increased my bird average impressively. I knocked down about 40% of my pheasants this year on the third shot, not something I can do with my 20 ga o/u.


Another comment on skeet. I started shooting skeet with a 20 ga Montefeltro and the lightness of the gun really caused problems. With a heavier gun, the follow-through is automatic due to the mass of the gun. With the 20 ga Monte, you have to consciously "push" the gun through the target to get adequate follow-through. This greatly adds to the challenge of skeet shooting. The official Kolar sheet guns are very heavy probably in the 10 to 11 lb range.

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