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  1. Move away from that expensive Italian crap, start shooting Winchester and get a real gun.
  2. Some people must enjoy paying too much money for shotgun shells, really now what next. 50 yard shots for the average Joe that only hunts and never target shoots is a hope and a poke shot, most guys at that distance are just blowing holes in the sky.
  3. Where have you been, we have been shooting ducks here in WI since end of September. Im headed out to North Dakota on Saturday, looking forward.
  4. TMAC

    guidance needed

    Waheed from Pakistan...........now that is damm funny........a Petroleum Engineer oh of course........lmao. Thanks for the laughs!
  5. Is there a chance you can shoot there guns, reason I ask is why burn up your own stuff if you can rent someone elses.
  6. Did you try handicap trap loads, those tend to run hotter than run of the mill stuff. Or if your loading your own try a slightly hotter recepie.
  7. You are one lucky guy. I once had a Stoeger M2000, it threw bolt handles all the time. I tried like heck but the best I could do was get them to send me a replacment gun, Lord only knows I tried to get upgraded even if it meant money out of my pocket to get a better gun. Good for you.
  8. Keep swinging the gun.........and you can never be too far ahead....there you have it.
  9. Well Frankly dear I dont give a damm........ok got that out of my system. For now Im going to assume he brought spare bolt handles along with him.
  10. Should probably be shooting a Remington shotgun with Remington ammo.....that works every time.
  11. What I want to know is how you found all those new bolt handles during your hunt, those usually arent easy to come by.
  12. Mudhen - Why Browning can sell the Maxus for more than the silver even though it cost less to produce is simple.......called percieved value. Most of us have no idea what the actual manufacturing costs of our firearms are, so pricing is always in the hands of the seller.
  13. Oddly enought Im actually thinking about beinga Versamax guinea pig, Ive handled one and it fit me well......ok laugh all you want but Im serious.
  14. I hate to break it to you but that cut-down 11-87 is twice the gun the M2000 ever will be. I really think your about to mess up a perfectly good thing by swapping the 11-87 for the Stoger.
  15. Like anyone is acutally going to get caught being non compliant? Really, now come on guys.
  16. TMAC

    Tom Knapp

    Good luck to Tom and his future endeavors. And above all Go Pack!!!!
  17. Im totally with you Hattles, we shoot a lot of Win Experts here and no regrets. However this year I did shoot a lot of Federal blue box, on sale at Rogers for like $10 a box in 3"..... Still using standard Inv plus chokes in my SX2.......it just works.
  18. No snow no ice!! when you start shooting cans up north the weather will help you realize what your made of. Late hunts can be a beast if it freezes up.
  19. How long is your season open Tucker?.........ok its been froze solid here since December.
  20. Ice fishing, skiiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, ATV's, do what you must to pass this time of year with your sanity. Indoor at home projects usually begin in winter for me.
  21. You dont want those hogs up in Cananda, as fun as they are to hunt most DNR offices consider them a pest.
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