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Lower cheek pad !! H-E-L-P


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I,ve always shot a browning a-5 and always hit my point of aim dead center on a pc of poster paper .

I purchased a m2 12ga with the confort tech stock and put a limb saver butt pad on it for recoil .

I know that the euro guns have a built in rise to help with flushing birds or trap etc. I shot my m2 on poster paper with a dot in the middle of the paper with full choke ( squirrel hunt ) all my shot hit the top half of the paper , so i changed to the c shim but the pattern didn,t change , i shaved down a B shim and put it with a C shim it still shot high .

I even put a pencil on top of the rib and shot at the dot with the dot on top of pencil making a 8 it still didn,t change .

I had a friend come over and shoot gun it hit dead center with him shooting , he watched me looking down side of barrel as i shot and he told me i was aiming high .

I put my cheek down as far as i could on cheek pad that i couldn,t even see front bead he looked down side of barrel and said i was aimed dead on . So i loaded gun and pushed my face down as far as i could again so much that i was guessing where front bead was and shot hitting paper dead center , i did this 2 more times same results .

My question is after all this explaining what should i do . I hunt squirrels with dogs and it,s mostly fast jump shooting with the squirrels running sideways way more that rising , so i,m not sure i,ll remember are react quick enough to really putting my cheek down .

Is there some way to lower the cheek pad on the gun to better fit me for jump shooting , i,ve like the m2 but i never had this problem with the browning a-5. Does anyone else have to get down as far as i have to to hit the center on my target ?

I,m at my wits end please help .

Thank You .

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I think it just shows that guns made for average build people won't work for everyone.

I don't know you, so I don't know if you've got a particularly long face (John Kerry) or perhaps your cheeks are more filled out from eating all that squirrel?


At any rate, your friend proved that it's not the gun.

Do you know any good shotgun fitters?


If you can't learn to adjust your aim to compensate, then the Benelli may not be the right gun for you.

It happens.


Completely off-topic, I'm truly pleased to see that there are still people out there who hunt squirrels with dogs.

I was thinking that it was nearly a lost art.

I assume that the dogs tree them and then you get them to make a move before making the shot?

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I,ll even trip you trigger more ! We do it off horses , we turn one to three dogs loose and the dogs don,t open on track like coon dogs but once they tree theres plenty of barking a knawing at the tree we ride to the tree and circle it and thats when it gets tough a squirrel can really hide , we might only see a ear are a pc of moss ( tail ) thats not anywhere else in the tree .

Then the shooting starts and after several shots someone has to volunteer to get off there horse to get the squirrel .

Two things are a must good tree dogs and a horse that you can count on not to kill in the vines and mud , but they can be had and i wouldn,t trade a day in the woods with good dogs and friends riding my horse for the world record white tail , but i know that it,s not everybodys cup of tea , we kill 3 somedays and 20 others it,s not about the kill it,s way we do it .

As a buddy says if that don,t melt your butter your biscuits aren,t hot .

That,s why i need the gun to fit me better because once you see the squirrel the actions real fast for about 3 minutes .

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