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Sighting devices


what shotgun sighting device do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. what shotgun sighting device do you prefer?

    • bead sight
    • fiber optic
    • rifle sights
    • ghost ring sights
    • red dot sights
    • telescopic sights

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What do you prefer to use on your shotgun for sighting? I mean in general, not for one specific purpose. I can’t decide, all types seem to have their own unique advantages, but what is the best compromise for a multi-role shotgun?


I ask because I am looking for something to put on my new Mossberg 590. It came with a brass bead sight, and I have always had trouble mastering the bead. Plus I want be able to shoot slugs relatively accurately. So I’m looking for something else to put on it… I looked into getting a decent set of ghost ring sights, and it looks like my only choices are LPA, MMC, or the factory sights for the 590. All of them require the front sight to be welded/soldered/brazed on, or have a barrel band that is likely held on by simple screw tension, which I don’t trust to stay on. Also a set of decent sights (MMC or LPA) will cost about 200$. Considering that and the fact that I would have to part with my heatshield made me lean towards optical sights. Specifically a red dot sight, but I’m not sure what would be best for a shotgun in that department, I want something with no magnification, and doesn’t obstruct my view too much, also one that is somewhat low in profile. I’m currently looking at the Burris Fastfire 2. Any thoughts?

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