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Night sights on supernova?


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The Benelli night sights are made by Mepo and are the same M4 and SNT, I tried them and they came off days after going on. The rear sight fit with no issues although the dots/inserts are slightly smaller. The front sight is M4 sized and doesn't fit as good as the original SN post. After a few slugs mine came loose and moved.

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I have the mepro sights. I just installed them a few days ago havent shot the gun yet. The reason that the sn snt fronts work better is the nut on the oem sights has a piece of plastic in it and the mepro come with jsut a regular nut. Go to lowes and get one of the nuts with the plastic inside of it shouldnt come loose.

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I have these on mine. I don't think they are worth it. And before I put them on, my gun was pretty much right on at about 30 yards with slugs. Now, I have it cranked all the way (up I think) and its still too high or too low. I'm not sure which it is, but I mean I can't get it sighted in more than about 3" one way at 30 yards.


And I have tried them in the dark when its pitch black and I still can't see them very well. Even more so when I turn on my flashlight.

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