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New M4, need HELP!


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Hey, thanks for everyone's attempt to help me! I solved the problem! (Don't laugh, I'm sure it's a novice mistake!).


After b!t@hing all evening after my initial post, my wife thought she'd try to help me out! So, the next day, after I was away at work, she reads the User's Manual and field strips the gun. I came home and she greeted me with, "I tried fixing your shotgun, but I couldn't figure it out either!" I look on the kitchen table and see my precious new firearm in more pieces than I had even stripped down to initially!!


Anyway, I started to assemble it back together again and quickly realized the problem! The lug which rests in the grove behind the bolt head (the one which guides the bolt's rotational action) was flipped over! I had initially re-stalled it "upside down" which caused it to protrude above the level of the bolt. This caused the barrel to "hang up" as I tried to install the barrel extension past the bolt. Once I flipped this little lug around to proper orientation, the barrel seated properly. Thanks Wife!


BTW, I hope that my many repetitions of trying to past the barrel extension past the "guiding lug" on the bolt didn't damage the bolt assemble or it's action. I don't this it did, but I tried many times with varying amounts of pressure to try to get the barrel seated. Anything to look out for? Everything "moves" fine?!

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