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  1. Congratulations on your purchase! Instructions are included with your tube. Installation is straightforward.
  2. If you guys would post your letters, that would be great. What address are you sending your letters to? Is it dependent on your location in the US? I assume that you are sending a picture of your M4. I am starting my letter this weekend. I will post mine once received! Thanks! Best, John
  3. Check your state laws. The field stock may become very important.
  4. I have used various Trulock chokes and am very happy with the quality and performance. George Trulock is a gentleman with a wealth of knowledge and experience. His website is also very informative if you have questions.
  5. Welcome! They have a season for coyotes? I thought it was bad in CA! Ha Ha!
  6. Having been a hunter since being a young kid and shooting alot of trap, I like to think that I hit most of what I shoot at. I didn't say aim because after awhile I think you just develop a "feel" for the weapon of your choice. That being said I like a tight pattern with as even a spread as possible. For me that's the Federal LE12700 00 buckshot with the Trulock choke of choice. For longer distances I seem to be moving away from the slug in favor of the Dixie Slugs Tri-Ball II. It just depends on what and where I'm shooting.
  7. Aside from shooting a few more high power rounds, the only thing you may try is to remove the stock, then the nut at the end of the recoil tube. The one that is inside the tube. Remove it carefully and remove the recoil spring. It is not necessary to remove the recoil tube! I ran a bronze brush on the end of a drill and polished out the tube. That seemed to have helped reduce the breakin time. If nothing else, I made certain that I removed the heavier oil/grease that the M4 came from the factory with before I lubed it myself. The recoil spring can be changed out to a "lighter" one that
  8. Run some dummy loads or snap caps through it to test your re-assembly. Then, go out and have fun. The M4 is typical Benelli; quality and robust.
  9. I agree with Duggan; a good case isn't cheap, but is good to protect your M4. I went with the 1720 from Pelican and on outings the covert carry case from Tactical Tailor. They are both very good quality.
  10. A friend of mine that has done very well for himself recently purchased a new Ferrari 430. This car costs a fair amount of change. He actually went to the factory where they collected his cell phone and camera from him. He watched the car being built in front of his eyes. All the mechanics sign the owners manual as the car passes by that part of fabrication. One guy starts the day building the engine from individual parts. At the end of the day the engine was completed and dyno tested. After that, it was installed in the car and the car was put through a car dyno test. He got the car b
  11. +1 on the Progressive Machine & Tool titanium handle.
  12. I responded on the newer thread before I saw this. Yes, it is available in 00. The flite control wad really seems to make a significant difference. The Federal Tru-Ball slugs and Flite Control 00 buckskshot are now what I use. I haven't been able to duplicate the accuracy or the groupings. If you are hunting and want extended range, the Dixie Tri-Balls will be hard to beat. Period!
  13. bignotti


    Agreed! Tuck's the man. If you don't want to mess with it, use 3" Tri-Balls. 50 yards with "3" 60 caliber hardened lead buckshot and a 3 inch grouping.
  14. Hi Super M4! It sounds like the problem may not be the bolt handles since it happened to two of the bolt handles. It looks like the problem may be the Bolt handle detente or probably the Bolt handle detente spring. Look at pages 8 and 9 in the spare parts manual. PM me with your e-mail if I can help.
  15. The Federal Flite Control buckshot is outstanding as well!
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