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  1. I also have a Benelli M3 that i do enjoy. Rifle sights on mine with a pistol grip. I can see one reasion to go with the M3 instead of the M4 for a few reasion. 1 reasion would be the price, and the second reasion still having the dual mode of operation. I also picked up a used 26 inch field barrel for hunting. Its a shame i am not a very good picture taker. Jesse
  2. Well one dumb question to add. I beleave that all Benelli shotgun barrels are Chromed lined. And if this is the case, is it possable what you are seeing is the chrome inside the barrel its self and not lead? Jesse
  3. Hummm, at the current moment i would venture to guess something may have gotten broke/altered in the process of the first install. or possably when the lifter was "welded" if you could take photos of your firearm disacembled and i will glady compare them to mine and post photos of my componets for comparision if you so wish vang Jesse
  4. Sounds like you installed the trigger group wrong. First off with the trigger group outside of the shotgun. Befor starting to install the trigger group in the shotgun. push down on the bolt release. After pushing down on the bolt release slide in the trigger group in from the back side first and then pushing the front side up into the reciver. NOTE: (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE THE BOLT RELEASE BUTTON PUSHED IN WHILE INSTALLING AND REMOVING THE TRIGGER GROUP) I personly would take the whole firearm apart first and start from scratch. Removing and installing the Trigger group whith the bolt/boltcarrier removed. Jesse
  5. What he is really asking, is if the stock is seperate from the reciver. or is the stock part of the reciver. The super nova you can remove the stock from the reciver. on the nova the stock/reciver is all one unit. Jesse
  6. Also you must keep in mind even in pump mode the semi auto function of the benelli M3 is dont disabled. The recoil from the cartrage will still compress the spring in the bolt causing it to want to push the bolt and bolt carrier back just like in semi auto mode. when using light shells its not very noticable on pulling the bolt back as it is with heavier loads. Setting it in pump mode will just cause the system to have more weight and drag when trying to cycle the action automaticly. The added weight and drag being your arm. But yes this is normal operation of the firearm and nothing to fear of it. Everything will be A ok Jesse
  7. Well. If you noticed on the barrel of your M3 there are slots cut in the lug for the forarm. the M1 barrel dose not have these cuts for the forarm. even if it dose fit. you would be stuck with a shotgun that is most like A pump only. or B if not locked into the action bar. it would be semi auto but with a forarm floating around on the tube can then causing damage. all i can say is if you want a field barrel for it. do it right like me and go out and buy a 26 inch field barrel for the M3
  8. Oh yes my M3 dose have a cartrage drop lever. and when i push it. it dose toss the cartrage on top of the lift gate. I guess it will be one of them misterys, i could see how switching a shell would be easer if it dont cycle the next shell from the magazine if you cycle it by hand. thanks for the reply Ohio M4 Jesse
  9. Hummm intresting. Dose the cartrage drop lever work like that on all firearms, or just a select few. Because my Benelli M3 cycles shells out of the magazine when working the action by hand. Also if i reamber correctly it also states in order to stop a round being fed into the chamber is to push up on the loading gate and then cycle the action to clear the barrel with out loading a cartrage, But once the action is all the way back the gate lifts up so you cant place a different shell in. Jesse
  10. The M2 shotgun is a semi auto recoil action shotgun that compresses a big spring in the bolt to toss the bolt back once the shotgun as stoped/slowed down moving aft. In my personal opion, I dont think there is very much if any recoild reduction in the shotgun by the action its self. Not shure what kind of dram loads you where using, but the shot size and payload sounds like trap/sporting clay loads. Enjoy your shotgun as its a nice one. Jesse
  11. Never really updated this. But i whent out trap shooting with the flush mounted benllie IC choke tube and broke about 3 clays a round. Not very good by my standards but for being the first time going out i guess its not as bad as i think. On the other hand i bought 3 choke tubes to start with from trulock. a Full, Improved Modified, and a Modified extended choke tube. The second time after my 4th round of trap i am braking clays in the low to mid teens, so that is a major improvment. Not shure if its luck, or the chokes, or maybe its a bit of both. But i just say i am pritty happy so far. All the choke tubes i got from trulock are extended choke tubes. Jesse
  12. Only two things you do need. is the tube and the stock. and of course the hardware to install it. Other then that it should be good. i reamber seeing pistol grip stocks on gunbroker from time to time and i beleave impact guns has it also. as for the tube. i beleave you can order it from e-gunparts.com
  13. Mostly for everything. from clays and trap which i would like to try, to also hunting. And i would also like to get the whole set so its more "compleat" the same reasion why i bought the field barrel for the M3 instead of just buying a winchester or other type of semi auto shotgun. Thanks Jesse.
  14. I recently bought a used vent ribed 26in M3 barrel for my Benelli M3 shotgun. After looking on the benelli web sight it lists some extended choke tubes i would like to get for the shotgun but there seems to be no list for price or where to buy them. I have also looked at the extended choke tubes from Trulock which also appears to be pritty nice. Is there any advantage with going with a aftermarket company for choke tubes then the company who made the firearm? Also what company would you recomend for choke tubes if not benelli. Or if you do recomend Benelli choke tubes where do you find them at. For right now i am kinda looking at getting a set of them of the standard sizes. cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full. Jesse.
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