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Super Nova -- what ammo


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I don't shoot that combination, but I think .650 is pretty tight, even for the underbored Benellis.


I find that my Benelli patterns blow if choked too tight, especially with larger pellets.


Maybe try Win HV 6's? 3" or 3.5" - I kilt lots of toms with those shells before I switched to XR's and H-13.


I'd buy 3-4 different 10 packs of shells and hit the patterning board :)

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I am using an Indian Creek .665 and a Super Nova Steady Grip and my patters were terrible with the Hevi 13 (3" #6). My best results were with Xtended Range 3" #6.


Other good performers in my gun was:


Winchester HV 3" #5

Winchester Double X 3" #6

Kent Diamond 3" #6


I did found that the trigger job made a HUGE difference. I found the factory trigger pretty bad.

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