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unclear about ammo


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Im a newbie to the invigorating world of Benelli shotguns (guns in general). I recently purchased an M4 and have shot a bunch of different loads through it. Yet I still don't know the difference between load types(i.e. lead, steel, tungsten) What is better for tactical purposes, what is better for range time,whats best for hunting deer size and larger animals, what is more powerful?


I thank you all in advance for the wealth of info you can give me.:D

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Not a real easy answer! Lead, steel, tungsten-matrix/iron, bismuth all have their place and use. Lead is normally fine for most applications except waterfowl which requires any non-toxic (steel, tungsten, bismuth, etc.) with some caveats. Some states have non-toxic shot rules for all game, some don't. Some ranges don't want lead, some are ok.


The easiest way to figure this all out is by reading what you can on the subject. Here's a short sample of the kinds of info available to you. As far as tactical situations, I don't think any perpetrator would have any preference on what he/she was shot with, lead or non-toxic. Me, I'd prefer the non-toxic.


I hope that helps some.

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