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  1. Unobtanium, why wouldn't you buy ammo at a gunshow? Does that include all types of ammo or just shotshells? are they selling reloads as "brand new"?
  2. Niiiice, you guys are funny:D
  3. huklbrry

    M4 zeroed

    My M4 shot a slug dead-nuts on the x at 100yds right out of the box. A fine piece of machinery it is!
  4. huklbrry


    Thank you for your insight gentlemen:)
  5. huklbrry


    So would anything bad happen if the round discharged improperly?
  6. huklbrry


    I have an M4 and shoot Federal's Vital Shock Tru-balls through it which are rifled slugs. However, when I look on the box of Sabot rounds, it seems to vehemently demand that they are to be used only in rifled bore shotguns. Can anyone enlighten this fool as to what I can feed my baby?
  7. Good question, sir. Hows it looking Cleefurd?
  8. Thanks, I appreciate the info.
  9. huklbrry


    Has everyone changed their underwear and wiped off their keyboards now?
  10. Do you guys have any thoughts or experience on/with the LWRC M6 series? Im a firm believer in the adage "You get what you pay for", seeing how my benelli M4 performs compared to other shotguns I've fired, does the short stroke gas piston system on the LWRC M6 series rifles blow away current AR-15 technology?
  11. Is the 14.5 legal for civilian purchase? I thought it was that the barrel length had to at least be 16".
  12. Also, what is the shortest M-4 barrel length a civilian can have?
  13. Yes, it will be a flat-top so I can run optics and also have a forgrip. Thanks for all your input guys!
  14. Any recommendations as to a good M4 upper that I can put on. Armalite's AR15A4 carbine uppers are made in a 1/9 as well
  15. I have an Armalite AR-15A4 with a 1/9 twist. I read somewhere that 1/9s aren't good for firing anything over 62gr. Would I be able to get an M4 complete upper with a 1/7 twist and have it still be compatible?
  16. Will do. Has there been a problem with foregrips staying secure on these particular rail systems?
  17. Thanks, you guys rule!
  18. Foregrip, light, and possibly a scope(still on the fence)
  19. So does that mean if I wanted a shell carrier I would have to have a gunsmith mount it on to the side?
  20. So all I need is an M4 upper reciever and barrel?? No other minor parts or anything else?
  21. Is it possible to put a M4 upper reciever on a standard AR15 to turn it into a carbine? If not, what would I need to turn it into a carbine??
  22. It took about an hour or so to file down the sides for a snug fit but all in all it was pretty easy to install. The instructions on att-tactical really helped with the process.
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