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R1 on order


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I use a Lupe VXL 3.5x10x50 with Boone and Crocket reticle for a scope. The only rail that I have found that will work is the factory picatinny rail because the front is lower than the back. I use Warne quick release rings to hold the scope to the rail. Nice low setup. Holds up to the recoil and the beating it takes on the rough roads of Alaska.


Good Luck



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The high rings should work fine with that scope.

I like the Burris Signature rings. The inserts correct any minor alignment issues without the need for lapping and they leave no ring marks.


You will definitely need to use the factory supplied base, because it has the right amount of elevation correction built in.

I tried a standard BAR base and ran out of adjustment.

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In the tactical world, performance is mandatory—there is no compromise. Whether it's intense training or real-life action, you need your zero to stay true. These aircraft-grade aluminum tactical rings feature six points of contact for maximum security and are designed to withstand the most grueling environments imaginable. If you demand the most from your tactical scope, demand Weaver.



Part NumberDescription483501" HIGH MATTE483511" X-HIGH MATTE4835230MM HIGH MATTE

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I had the VX-III 3.5-10 X 50 on my R1 and the high rings gave ample clearance, not the x-high.


That being said, your desired amount of eye relief could come into play.

As you can see from this photo, the scope's steep tube angle on the objective end was preventing me from moving it any farther back.


It was never an issue for me, as the scope was positioned where I wanted it.

Perhaps the x-high rings would give you a bit more freedom in positioning it.


I like keeping the scope as low as possible.



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Thanks for the advice and the pic. That is a sweet looking R1 , love the wood they use no cheap SXR crap. I don't know if that will work for me it look's like it is a little far ahead for me. Do you know what the differance is between the high and x high 1/8" 1/4" it does not say on the site.

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I have a Nikon Monarch 2.5-10X with 50mm objective and BDC reticle. I think that this is the best scope for the money out there I know others will disagree but it is an awesome scope for the money spent. I think it is much clearer and brighter than the comparable Leupoulds.

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Thanks for this information about R1 actually I was looking for such information but at least found basically I am also going to buy a R1 so looking for some persons who have experience of having this before so anyone of you please brief me about the specification that I have to consider before purchase because I quite new, Thanks in advance.


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