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What Ammo will cycle for Trap/skeet ??


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For Birdshot, I had cycling problems with light loads - every 3 shots or so, the gun failed to cycle. Very frustrating in a tactical training situation. I went to Winchester 2 3/4", 3 3/4 Dr Eq, 1 1/4 oz., 7 1/2 lead shot and it has cycled just fine, with no problems at all. I have had no issues with any 00 Buck or slugs. Good luck, stay safe.



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BTW, I reviewed some literature on the M4 and it stated that the gun was produced to cycle light loads (rubber bullets, etc) MANUALLY, so the constraints about aout cycle still exist - you need to have enough "punch" to cycle the gun. How was your weekend shooting? I took mine out and shot slugs and 00 Buck and was getting very tight slug groups (most shots touched each other) at 15-50 yds. and nice patterns on the buckshot. Nice feeling. Hope you experienced the same... Stay safe. Tacman

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