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  1. Very sweet. I have looked at this gun for some time wistfully. How does it shoot? Stay safe and good luck with it... Tacman
  2. Tacman

    hunting gun pic

    The bayo goes nicely with the pastel prints in the background. You're a wild man, M1014! Stay safe, Tacman
  3. Optics are a matter of taste and what works for you PLUS what works over time for lots of others (durability, dependability, battery life, etc.). Caveat Emptor. I purchased a Hakko red dot for my AR and my Benelli M1014, because it represented a good solution for me and was not hyper expensive. I thought I might replace the Hakko someday with something more upscale. But, I haven't. Hakko makes the ACOGs and that's what the military guys use (as well as Aimpoints). Think about target acquisition time and you quickly want an optic with minimal size that lets you QUICKLY acquire a target. Some of the high priced scopes are too much like looking through a tube for me. They hurt my time to target acquisition, so I keep my Kakko Panarama and happily do my 3 gun competitions with no handicap vis a vis my brothers with pricier scope. Check it out. Stay safe, Tacman
  4. Try this one too: http://www.benelli.it/Home.asp?Lan=EN It is the English version of the site... Stay safe, Tacman
  5. Be careful especially on getting agun that fits you. The trigger to inside of teh elbow should be where the back of the stock falls. Any longer and you will be struggling with your shots. The biggest mistake in shotguns is the gun doesn't fit you and therefore your experience is bad (or painful). Probably would be a good idea to go take a few lessons somewhere from some knowledgeable folks who may even let you rent weapons. Try before you buy... Read up on proper fit. Stay safe, Tacman
  6. Tacman

    #1 SON --PIC

    BTW, The stock does not really collapse... The actions feel very similar and cycle just as fast. I am not sure you would miss a thing. Two excellent ways to accomplish the same thing. The real questions are with the shorter barrel and what you are using the gun for. Establish your requirements, than pick the gun... Stay safe, Tacman
  7. Tacman

    My Good Side Pic

    M1014, I see you are still captivating the audience with pics of your clan! Glad to see you are adding to the family. All the best, Stay safe, Tacman
  8. And, be careful about adding more than 5 shots plus a pistol grip on a post ban - it is a felony! Stay safe, Tacman
  9. Great advice from Wulf. Follows his advice and you will be fine... Stay safe, Tacman
  10. Tacman

    slugs and chokes

    Here is some info I got from a FAQ on Benelli site I retained: "Q: What choke should I use for slugs? A: A Cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth bore barrel. Sabot slugs should be shot through our fully-rifled slug barrels." Stay safe, Tacman
  11. Tacman


    Chokes are NOT an exact science. In fact, I have been instructed that the way they are manufactured and chosen to be classified as modified or improved or whatever has more to do with how they actually fire (post manufacture) than any specifications that the tubes are made to. Stay safe... Tacman
  12. Just to make sure you know - if you add the pistol grip to a shotgun with over 5 round capacity that is post ban - you are actually committing a felony and can be charged... Stay safe and realize what you are doing with the pistol grip. Tacman
  13. Militec is very good, as is Pro-Tec - both oil and grease. I have heard to avoid Breakfree - after it heats up, one of components that allows it to be viscous tends to burn away and can leave residue and thicker than you want product. Stay safe, Tacman
  14. Careful on the legal implications of adding the extension - the extension plus a pistol grip = felony on a post-ban shotgun... Stay safe. Tacman
  15. Sounds also like a partial training issue - the safety and release should become second nature due to muscle memory if enough training is done. While the improvements by Benelli would not hurt, practice makes perfect, especially under stress, when in fact, oversize safeties, etc. can equally work against you. Stay safe. Tacman [ 01-16-2004, 10:59 PM: Message edited by: Tacman ]
  16. drdrostan, Benelli says: Q: What choke should I use for slugs? A: A Cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth bore barrel. Sabot slugs should be shot through our fully-rifled slug barrels. Why risk it - buy the cylinder. Stay safe, Tacman
  17. kpw212, Make sure you really train your son on the proper way to mount the gun, especially creating the "pocket" on the shoulder to minimize recoil. Also, why not get him one of the Browning Reactar Shooting Harnesses? See it at http://www.outdoorsuperstore.com/store/products/productDisplay.asp?productID=430980 Mine really works well. Entire weekend of tactical shooting training with 150-200 slugs, 200+ 00 Buck and 200 or so birdshot and no problems. I swear by it. Along with a proper mount. Also, make sure he fits the gun - from trigger to stock should fit from finger to inside of elbow - if it is too long for him he will not enjoy it and have a hard time with accuracy. Stay safe. Tacman [ 12-01-2003, 10:05 PM: Message edited by: Tacman ]
  18. Tacman

    MOD.B76 Pistol

    Droogie, No manual or diagram, but you may find this interesting: http://www.benelli.it/Storia/ Stay safe, Tacman
  19. Tacman

    nova pump camo

    s morton, Call Benelli customer service: 301-283-6981. The Benelli 5 year warranty does not cover normal wear and tear , so be prepared to state your case for why this is abnormal. Let us know what they say. Seems under normal circumstances the camo should last way longer than it has... Stay safe, Tacman [ 12-01-2003, 09:30 PM: Message edited by: Tacman ]
  20. Tacman

    Ghost ring sight

    johnmc, Have you tried Benelli customer service - 301-283-6981? I would also try a local gunsmith with Benelli experience. Good luck, Tacman
  21. chomponthis, Nicely said, especially the art and science part. And, practice, practice, practice makes perfect. Stay safe, Tacman
  22. Tacman

    Benelli's Best

    SOErep75, Not sure of the amphibious part of your question - whether it was spec'd that way with the mil-specs. I have seen the specs in the past, but do not remeber any reference to need to be submersible. I will look around for you... Stay safe, Tacman
  23. Tacman

    M1 cycling

    Send it back to Benelli with a letter of extreme disappointment - that's what the warrranty is for... Let ehem worry about it. You paid good money for a gun that should work as publicized. Go for it. Stay safe, Tacman
  24. Paul, Look at a Hakko - same company that makes the Trijicon ACOG. Nice and light and 4 different reticles. Also, very thin profile for very easy target acquisition. http://www.hakko-japan.co.jp/optical/english/dot.htm I own the BED 24 and it is a great red dot... Just a thought... Stay safe, Tacman
  25. Try Pro-Tec. I use it and like it. The gun oil is light and good quality and comes in a greater syringe applicator that allows you to put a DROP where you want it. They also have a good grease if you ever need that - same syringe applicator. I have heard good things bout FP-10 and Militec. Breakfree gets so-so reviews because the teflon needs to be shaken well and it tends to dry out. Some people combine a grease with oil for longer-lasting lubrication and adhesion (grease) and lubricity of the oil. I use this combo on the rails of my .45, for instance. Works great... Experiment a bit, avoid the WD40 and you will find what you like and what works well. Stay safe, Tacman
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