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  1. Hey M1014, See your going for the stock mod. Could you tell me who's doing it for you? Is the finish going to match when done ? And could you please advise what the cost is. I'm interested. Thanks !!! Joe.
  2. Hi Bry72, Could you please give me the name/number of the machinist who did your M1014 stock - I would like to have it done - looks great !! Thanks...
  3. Hi bry72, Mod looks great - I am very interested in having it done. Would you mind saying what the job cost you? Thanks, Joe.
  4. Benelli's behavior IS outragous. I called them to inquire about a replacement folding stock or parts to do it and the rep was rude and completely unhelpful. Now that the AWB has expired there is no reason that they can not sell us collapsable stock. I told him - don't I would get it to collapse without Benelli's help. Whoever gets it done first please post the details !!
  5. Hey M1014, I tried to send you a private message, but your mailbox is full.Called Benelli, they just got a backorder or the extensions in!! my dealer has one coming for me. Thanks for checking !! Later, Joe
  6. Thanks - I have checked all my local dealers (FL)and even some out of state and nobody seems to have one. Could you tell me who you bought yours from and I will give them a try. Happy shooting... Joe.
  7. Hi everybody... Does anyone know where I can pick up the 2 shot mag extension for the M1014 ? Really want one.. Thanks
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