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  1. at least you can buy one in this country!
  2. 1988RRC

    tube extension

    i saw a guy at a local shooting range yesterday that had on like it on his m4.
  3. 1988RRC

    tube extension

    have you guys seen this? is it old news? http://www.surecycle.com/
  4. i would like to see the weapons shown on a "square table top" for a change.
  5. 1988RRC

    M4 or M1014 Length

    Reference the photo of 01-16-05 showing the stock tube: do the 2 added notches along the back side of the tube have to be there for the stock to collapse?
  6. bargin barn burned down this past summer.....
  7. not if could get one that has the full adjustable stock. i the only difference is the "flag" & the "ser. #".
  8. there is a new artical about the m1014 in the oct. 1, edition of shotgun news.
  9. 1988RRC

    M1014 Twins pic

    are the "twins" consecutive ser. #'s ?????
  10. if you cant find it i can email you the picture as i kept it for furture reference.
  11. several months ago there were pictures posted that will show you the difference between the two tubes. the military version has longer "flat" spots on the tube to allow the tube to collaspe.
  12. 1988RRC

    M1014 Plug

    must be something new, my 1014 had one, had to remove it.
  13. yep, all you need is a good file (and time) or milling machine. [ 09-13-2004, 05:53 PM: Message edited by: 1988RRC ]
  14. 1988RRC

    M1014 Plug

    the shotgun comes with a plastic "red" plug
  15. what type of optical sight are you all putting on the 1014?
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