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NOOB alert!!!


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hi im a noob. im kinda new to forums but i got my supernova last fall and finaly decided to come here to read about it. im from wisconsin and i plan to turkey hunt with it, besides what ever wasteful ammo consumption my wife will allow. haha any one else from WI interested in fun shooting let me know, i just love the smell of gun powder.

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hey welcome aboard, we all have somepthing to learn there maybe a few in the group that may differ , me im always willing to learn more about the guns and the sport , and maby get some tootering on my spelling but it dosent bother me ,but there are a few that are anial but all in good fun , just dont take critisizem to heart that is the way here sometimes i think some test you ,enjoy learn and have a littel fun :D

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I'm with you Leftie, we can really learn a lot on this forum if we can get past correcting spelling errors. A little good humor and common courtesy will go a long way here. Let's work to improve the tone so we can do what we came here for...learn more about our Benellis!

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