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Props to Drake Waterfowl!


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I had a Drake Waterfowl MST jacket that I've used for two full seasons.

Late this year, the zipper started coming apart.


I e-mailed Drake and asked if I could send it in for repairs.

They asked me to call and discuss with one of their guys.

I called him and he got some information on the coat model and style.

He took my CC number and told me that a replacement coat was on the way.

They billed me for the new coat, but issued a FULL credit upon receiving my old one back. I got the coat last week and I received a credit memo yesterday!

I was out a few dollars shipping, and that's it!


GREAT Company!


I strongly recommend them for all of your waterfowl apparel!

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Good Post.


I have a MST Pull-Over that I wear probably 90% of the time, third season now. When it get really nasty I'll wear the pull-over then the shell to my 4-1 wader jacket from Cabela's.


I also have their Floating Gun Case. Few floating cases are long enough to really fit a 28" SBE II. Their blind bag I though was a little small, at least for me and all I crap I bring with me.


They have a lot of products that have been well thought out. I even applied to be a Staff member back in 2006. I have not heard back from them yet...

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