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  1. Good stuff fellas.... We've shot the heck out of the doves but no pics yet. Our teal opener starts Saturday so maybe after that. I'm not near as excited about it this year without my dog.
  2. I generally shoot a modified out of my SBE II at doves. I really like Federal 1 1/8 ounce 3 dram. Never a misfire with and federal. Winchesters are a different story. I shoot an IC when shooting at early season ducks. Later season I move to a modified and sometimes 3.5" loads. 3.5" #2 are one of my favorite late season loads. We see a lot of geese in the late season and call them in to our spreads. It's nice knowing I can shoot anything that gives us a good look.
  3. If you shoot mostly clays you might be better served by a gas operated gun. I Beretta 391 or a Browning gold/silver. I shoot a SBE II and love it but the lightest loads that Benelli guarantees to cycle are 3 dram 1 1/8 ounce. A lot of guns will cycle lighter loads but these guns (M2 and SBEII) are made to hunt.
  4. No, you don't have to have someone train your dog for you. If you want a dog for field trials then maybe, depending on your skills, time and things like that I bet you can do it just fine. If you have never trained a dog before no big deal. Anyone willing to put in some time and invest in training tools (training DVD's and training equipment) can have a good dog in the field. Not a perfect dog but a good dog you can be pleased with. Like tdaggett said, you can spend anywhere from $800-1200 on a dog with a smoking hot pedigree but nothing is for certain. I'm looking at a breeding with pups in the $1500 range right now. But I have also found some with good pedigrees for $800 here in KC. You want a Lab without a doubt. Their natural ability will far outway any training skills you have. What you really want to do, if you want a dog that will bring back ducks (no fancy hand signals or anything like that) you could get you a dog at a modest price $200-500, spend a lot of time with it, get yourself familiar with a training method you want to use and give it your best. I think you will very surprised how fast they can pick up on things. They really are amazing dogs. Have I confused you yet? If you need more info shoot me a PM and I can get you pointed in the right direction with training materials, methods and such. Both my past labs were great house dogs. I think having them in the house adds to the bond and relationship (esp. when they find your Gortex hunting boots and make them look like they were put in a blender). Some will argue that but they can kiss my grits.
  5. I really enjoy my SBE II. Easy to clean, functions well, handles great and points even better. The "click" does happen. Pull up on a goose landing on my head and click...I shoot mostly 3" waterfowl loads and the recoil does not bother me. I notice it when I shoot 3.5" but not to the point it hurts.
  6. Webfoot


    Me too. I like my SBE II, a lot!! Must say I am a little disappointed... I think it will flop...
  7. Good Post. I have a MST Pull-Over that I wear probably 90% of the time, third season now. When it get really nasty I'll wear the pull-over then the shell to my 4-1 wader jacket from Cabela's. I also have their Floating Gun Case. Few floating cases are long enough to really fit a 28" SBE II. Their blind bag I though was a little small, at least for me and all I crap I bring with me. They have a lot of products that have been well thought out. I even applied to be a Staff member back in 2006. I have not heard back from them yet...
  8. Thanks for all your thoughts and comments. Her name was Mocha (original, I know). It somehow refleted her demeanor. A little bit of sass, a little bit selfish and a lot of, "This is my world and you all are just living it," attitude. She was an incredibly loyal friend and had a drive I've never seen in another hunting dog. Her stubornness was a little to blame for her demise but its also what made her such a fierce hunter. She was great in the house and tolerated being number 2 once my son arrived a little over a year ago. Her death really tugs at my heart, but I feel good knowing she had an incredibly life, not only in the field but at home too. She will be missed... Thanks again. Michael
  9. I said goodbye to my hunting buddy this morning. She was hit by a car just down from our house. She'll be the dog all others are compared against. I'm going to miss her very much...
  10. One of my all around duck favorites is 3" #3, ounce and 3/8. I found some nitro steel in this combo and was very pleased. Late season I switched to 3.5" #2, ounce and 9/16. This flat out rolled the ducks. With ice all around us I wanted to make sure my nine year old lab had fairly routine recoveries. I'm worried this was her last year. Her hips are either to the point where we do a replacement or I only take her on early season hunts. For geese I really like the 3.5" Black Cloud in BB, ounce and 9/16. I'll also use my late season ducks loads as the first two loads with a Black Cloud for clean up or that last bird in a group.
  11. My has not been flawless but we're getting there. Took me a few misfeeds to figure out it did not like winchesters of any kind. Since then she's been perfect. I love the way it shoulders and points. Almost as nice as my sweet 16...
  12. Probably should have mounted this pintail. Finally got one with a nice sprig.
  13. I was thinking the same thing about the fifth pic in... It's been incredibly hard hear lately.
  14. Honestly? It was the 2nd bird of a double that I thought was a drake. I don't intentionally shoot hens. I had a group of about 25 work. The closest was a drake I could tell clear and easy because he practically landed on the end of my boat. The next closest bird that I thought was a drake, was on its way up and I was looking right into the sun. Both were very clean and effective kills which I think is always a positive thing. I don't kill hens intentionally so when I do error its never more than one bird. On future hunts I'm very willing and able to pass on single hens etc. I try to do better next time. Simple as that.
  15. Middle Zone.... One of the drakes was still in partial eclipse plumage. Pretty dark still. I don't need no stinking GPS...
  16. Finally made it out this year... The homemade layout boat worked perfectly. My poor dog was not used to birds getting so close. She about went nuts.
  17. Our north zone opens this weekend but I usually don't go. Too many hunters and not enough places to go. That and my son's first birthday is this weekend...Man how times flies.
  18. When you guys put away your auto loaders how do you store them, bolt closed or pulled back?
  19. I here ya. You're probably right. During duck season I have a game carrier with all the necessary info on it. I would like to think they can see there are three limits of doves and three hunters, but that makes too much sense. The beer was strictly a post hunt celebration and in very short order. 103??? low 40's tonight....
  20. Fun dove hunt last season. Had a great teal opener but no pics yet.
  21. I'll second the honey do list. I need some brownie points for the fall. Lots of getting up in the middle of the night with the baby, you know that sort of stuff. Looking at new decoys I want and trying to plan a Canada trip for 2009. Not much dog work. Just about lost mine a while back. Severe pancreatitis. My wife said she has never seen a dog that sick survive so I'm very lucky. Hope everyone is having a good summer.
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