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Dixie Triball in M4?


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I have run a lot of rough stuff through my M4 (probably remington buckhammers as one of the worst recoil) but I was interested in running some dixie triballs through it.


Has anyone shot them in an M4? Do you think I will not damage shotgun? I am not worried about the barrel etc..., but rather the gas system.


I am not a worry wart, but figured the opinions here are free, so why not do a little premptive homework before dropping money on these monsters.


Thanks in advance

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I always read threads and always want to hear the post questions follow up, so hear it is.


Dixie Triballs + M4 = FUN!!!


The recoil was a non issue, maybe a little more than buckhammers. Just FYI, htye are destructive as ****.


As an aside, they cycled great, even with a mixed ammo set up. (e.g. buckshot, slug, dixie triball, buckshot in the mag tube)

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The one thing I wanted to add to the thread, is that these things richochet like a mother.


we were shooting in a sand pit, and normally, i dont see slugs "skip" (but I do every once in a while)


But with the triballs, they would skip, hit the sand berm, then go flying out of the pit. No biggie, but I just figured I would add a cuationary ending to this mediocre tale.

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